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Roles (and Challenges) of Using Technology to Provide Amazing Customer Service

Have you thought about how you and your organization can use technology to enhance the customer service experience? Shep Hyken speaks with Bill Aston about how the pace of change is increasing in the customer care environment. They discuss how companies must now rely on technology to deliver a satisfactory customer experience due to increased demands placed on them. Yet, the ability to get all of the technologies to work in synchronicity is becoming more and more of a challenge.

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  • If your customer calls in and then later comes in via chat, your customer believes that, as part of that experience, your company should have a record of the prior contact. There needs to be a seamless flow in your company from one channel to another.  Multiple channels and multiple technologies need to come together to deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • For instance, one support rep can have 20,000 or more customers. Support reps can also be located in different geographical locations.  As a result, getting everything to work together to deliver a satisfactory customer experience can be a very challenging (but necessary) exercise.
  • Since it can take months to rectify a problem once technology has been rolled out, it is important that any new technology be thoroughly tested before rolling it out to your customers.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that video will be the foundation of a successful customer experience within the next one to three years.  By using video, organizations can create a better connection with their customers, allowing them to notice facial expressions and share information that they wouldn’t normally be able to gather. If you are not planning to use video as part of your customer experience, and a competitor is, you could lose business to that competitor.

Bill Aston is the General Manager for the Americas for Cyara, the market leader and the world’s fastest growing provider of an automated customer experience platform.  Cyara’s technology enables you to mimic your customer behaviors, proactively monitor your customer experience, and keep pace with your customer’s expectations.

“The customer experience is the last remaining differentiator for a lot of industries, particularly the banking and insurance industries.” – Bill Aston

 What questions will this episode answer?

  1. How can companies improve the customer experience using technology?
  2. Why is it so hard for companies to get the technology right?  (Why do I have to tell my story to multiple people or why do I have to tell the agent a number that I just entered?)
  3. What is the next big thing coming in technology to help create a better customer experience?




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