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Ten Ways To Recognize Employees During National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week Is About Customers AND Employees

Shep Hyken sits down with Bill Gessert to talk about National Customer Service Week (October 1-5, 2018). They discussed 10 ways to celebrate the week-long event, how to create an employee-centric culture, and how to get C-suite executives involved in the everyday culture.


Top Takeaways:

  • The International Customer Service Association started National Customer Service Week (NCSW) in 1984 because they wanted to create a meaningful way to recognize the work people do and the impact it has on the customer experience.
  • In 2018, NCSW will be held on the first week of October. The theme this year is Exceeding Expectations, Every Customer, Every Time.
  • The people that provide customer service need to get recognized in order to re-energize their customer-centric focus. National Customer Service Week is a great way to have a positive impact on employee engagement.
  • There are employees that your customers never meet who have a profound impact on your customers’ overall experience.
  • Organizations that focus on creating a sustainable culture that is employee-centric will eventually become customer-centric.
  • Bill shared ten ways to recognize and celebrate the value employees bring to the customer experience during NCSW. A few of them included hosting a kickoff breakfast, having C-suite executives trade places with employees, and writing handwritten thank you notes to employees.


  • “There is a clear link between employee engagement and customer experience. Customer Service Week is a great way to enhance employee engagement by providing recognition.” – Bill Gessert
  • “When someone takes the time to hand write a note and send it to you, that makes a positive statement. There’s power in the pen!” – Bill Gessert
  • “Customers like knowing they’re doing business with organizations that recognize the value of their employees.” – Bill Gessert


Bill Gessert is the VP of business growth at Premiere Response and the President of the International Customer Service Association (ICSA).

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions … and more:

  1. What is National Customer Service Week?
  2. How can companies Celebrate National Customer Service Week?
  3. How can companies recognize their most valuable customers?
  4. How can you create a customer-centric organization?
  5. How can you improve employee engagement?

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