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Amazing Business Radio: Donna Peeples

Donna Peeples ABRDonna Peeples on How Brands Can Embrace Change
and Improve Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with Donna Peeples, a customer experience expert and Chief Customer Officer of Pypestream, a technology company offering secure mobile messaging, about how embracing change can enhance customer service and improve customer loyalty. Before Pypestream, Donna was Chief Customer Officer at AIG Property and Casualty, where she was responsible for leading communication, management, service delivery strategies, and practices for customers. She talks about the difficulties of compliance, staying within federal regulations while still maintaining a great customer experience. In addition, they discuss how customers are now in control and businesses are having to adapt to meet the needs and wants of their customers. Finally, Donna shares her thoughts on content marketing and how customers are wanting a more personal experience, both in support and sales channels. This episode of Amazing Business Radio will help you gain insights into how you can adapt to create an amazing customer experience.

“Think about the customer first and the employees always.” – Donna Peeples

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