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How to Provide Better Social Media Customer Care

Shep speaks with Matt Wilbanks, CEO and co-founder of HelpSocial, about providing a better social customer care experience. Matt shares his past experiences as a member of Rackspace Hosting’s social customer care team and how these experiences helped him find the need to create HelpSocial.  They discuss social customer service (social care) and how automated intelligence can help create better support in all channels. Social care isn’t a fad. It is a trend that is forever changing how customers interact with companies they do business with.

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HelpSocial is the number one integration platform for customer care and social media. As a customer service innovator, Matt honed his support skills at Rackspace Hosting, recognized in their industry for fanatical customer service. During his tenure at Rackspace, Matt was an initial member of the company’s social customer care team. HelpSocial was developed inside Rackspace and eventually spun out with initial seed money funding from Mark Cuban in 2014. As CEO Matt is responsible for HelpSocial’s growth strategies, as well as ensuring the HelpSocial team has plenty of snacks and a working Netflix account.


“We’re not just competing in our industry with our service level, we’re competing against everyone, from credit card companies to car manufacturers, to anybody else delivering service.” – Matt Wilbanks


What questions will this episode answer?

  1. What is social care and why is it important?
  2. How do I provide better social media customer support?
  3. What is HelpSocial?




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