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The Power of Surprise in Creating Customer Engagement

Would you like to learn how your organization can stand out, create customer experiences and use celebration as a strategic tool?  Shep Hyken speaks with Scott Friedman, Certified Speaking Professional, and past president of the National Speakers Association (NSA) about his book, Celebrate!  Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations.

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Scott says that your organization must be characterized by four factors:

  1. Inclusivity – Make sure that everybody in your organization feels like they are part of the team. Happy employees create happy customers.
  2. Gratitude – Your employees and customers feel cared for, and not just because they have an economic impact on the organization.
  3. Play – How to put your employees and customers in a state of flow.
  4. Surprise – Nothing creates an emotional connection with your employees and customers like surprise! While generic surprises (a bowl of fruit or a box of candy) are nice, customization and personalization can make a tremendous impact.  Scott and Shep give many examples of how this can be done simply, cheaply and easily – by using Facebook.

Friedman discusses how to turn on your GPS (gratitude, play and surprise) for your employees and customers.

Scott Friedman, Certified Speaking Professional, and former President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), is the author of Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations, Happily Ever Laughter, Using Humor for A Change, and A Celebration a Day – 365 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace.  For over 30 years Scott has traveled the globe speaking on employee innovation, customer experience and using humor/celebration as a strategic tool.

“If your employees feel dignified and respected, they’re going to pass it on to the customers.” – Scott Friedman

 What questions will this episode answer?

  1. How can you get your employees to be authentic and engaging?
  2. How can I create surprises for my customers and employees?
  3. How do I create an authentic customer experience?


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