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Amazing Business Radio: Scott Moorehead

Scott Moorehead on How Your Company Can Do Better with a Culture of Good

Can your business do better by doing good?

Shep interviews Scott Moorehead, co-author of Build A Culture of Good: Unleash Results by Letting Your Employees Bring Their Soul to Work, who discovered that it is possible, as he went through a process that reignited passion and loyalty in his employees.


First Up:

Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on the benefits of being part of something bigger than yourself – when you give back to your community, if not the world. And, when you do this right, two things happen:

  1. Your customers appreciate that you are willing to give back and reciprocate by doing more business with you.
  2. It creates a feeling of fulfillment, especially to your employees, when they recognize that the company they work for is doing something bigger and better than just trying to make money.

Our willingness to give back to the community may be our best measure of our success.

Featured Interview:

Shep begins his interview by asking Scott Moorehead to tell about his journey which led him to create a Culture of Good. Scott shared that when you have a company with under a hundred employees, it’s easy to have camaraderie, trust, and fun and he didn’t want to lose that as his company grew.

As Scott’s company got larger, none of the new employees knew what it was like to be part of the experience in the beginning. What used to be a very small, family-owned, Midwestern values-based company was becoming a big company with a lot of bureaucracy and less trust. Policies and procedures needed to be implemented. The environment began to feel more robotic. People started to feel less valued.

So, Scott set out to create a Culture of Good for his company, the largest Verizon Authorized Retailer’s (3,000 employees at 800 stores) in the U.S. What began as a movement—in which employees have done everything from dressing up as superheroes for a children’s hospital to distributing hundreds of thousands of backpacks for kids—has grown into a business teaching other companies that inspired employees can ignite positive change in the world and at the same time, positively impact the bottom line.

Top Takeaways:

  • Scott knew what his employees were signing up for (a paycheck), but if he expected them to stay, he also had to give them a why.
  • Your why is all about what is making the people who work for your organization want to stay and want to care.
  • Scott needed to determine the answer to two key questions: 1) What is our company purpose? 2) What is our company’s greater mission? If the mission was simply to make more money, that mission will not keep people in their jobs.


Scott Moorehead, co-author of Build A Culture of Good: Unleash Results by Letting Your Employees Bring Their Soul to Work, is the co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc., and also the CEO of TCC Verizon. Scott is a recognized thought leader on what it takes to create and develop purposeful for-profit organizations that abide by the philosophy of doing well by doing good.

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

“Unleash your business by allowing your employees to bring their soul to work.” – Scott Moorehead

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This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions … and more:

  1. Can your company do better by doing good?
  2. Why should a company give back to the community?
  3. What is a Culture of Good?
  4. Why should companies care about implementing a “culture of good?”
  5. How can companies build their own culture of good?
  6. How can you motivate your employees to be passionate about their job/company?



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