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Experience Leadership

What it Takes to Deliver Great Experiences at All Levels

Shep Hyken interviews Adrian Swinscoe, CX thought leader, Forbes contributor, speaker, and best-selling author of Punk CX and Punk XL. They discuss what experience leadership means to the individual, the team, the organization, the customers, and beyond.

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Top Takeaways:

  • It’s no longer sufficient just to talk about customer experience in isolation. We have to start thinking about it holistically and ask, “What does it mean for the entire business?”
  • There’s a lot of power in a place called the “gemba”, meaning the real place. In business, “gemba” is the place where value is created. Figure out where the gemba in your business is and ask yourself, “How can I go there? And, how often do I go there to understand what’s going on with my customers and my employees?
  • On feedback… Psychologically, with a blank text box, people don’t know where to start or how to start. When you are asking for qualitative feedback, guide your customers by creating a fill-in-the-blank item. Lead with statements like, “Your experience would be better if we…”
  • Some leaders and executives are suffering from the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome. Even a reasonable person might reach a point where they, without realizing it, would treat customers in a way that they themselves wouldn’t find acceptable.
  • All proceeds of Adrian’s book, Punk XL will go to Doctors Without Borders as an acknowledgment of the work that they have done for the last 50 years. How cool is that!


“Are you treating your customers in a way that you don’t want to be treated?”

“When you are sending a customer survey, make it shorter. You are asking your customers to take the time to tell you what they think. Respect their time by keeping it as short as you possibly can.”

“Customers want personalization, and brands want to deliver it. But they don’t have a shared understanding of what it means. This is how organizations miss their targets.”

“Many people in organizations don’t really understand the extent of what service, help, and support teams do.”

“People that lead the service, support, and help functions must advocate, inform, and educate others in the organization about the scale and nature of their work. When you do that, people understand the impact and value that you bring.”


Adrian Swinscoe has been growing and helping develop customer-focused large and small businesses for over 25 years. He is a CX thought leader, Forbes contributor, speaker, and best-selling author of Punk CX and Punk XL.

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions … and more:

  1. What is experience leadership?
  2. What does “gemba” mean in business?
  3. How do you collect qualitative feedback from your customers?
  4. What is the “Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome” in customer service?
  5. How can customer support agents advocate for themselves?

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