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New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Shep Hyken invites you to download your free copy of his book, Moments of Magic™, as well as his white paper, How Customer Service Will Fix the U.S. Economy (and a Few Companies, Too).

Moments of Magic™ was the first book Shep wrote, and it has since been re-written with updated stories and examples. This 156-page book is a clearly written, easy-to-read, easy to understand guide to customer service, and is for anyone in any job. Filled with information, techniques, and stories that make a point, this book will teach you and everyone in your organization to deliver excellent service to your internal and outside customers.

Chapters in this book cover Moments of Truth, Misery and Magic, how to build stronger relationships, complaining customers, meeting and exceeding expectations and much, much more.

Some people say it is common sense. Some say it is good sense. The information in this book makes sense. Most important, the information is simple, direct and can be implemented immediately.

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