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Exploiting Your Expertise

Being an expert in an industry gives you a competitive advantage, fosters trust and builds loyalty with customers, clients and even employees.  The ultimate expert has customers and clients calling with questions about anything related to the their industry – even the things the company might not even sell or do.  The customer just wants help, advice, suggestions, etc.  And they call because they trust.

This issue I want to focus on a branch of your expertise.  I want to focus on what you do best.  And that is basically the strategy:

Discover what you do best and exploit it.

Not only do you want to be perceived as an expert, you want to be known for something that you do better than any one else. So, what is it that you do best?  Is it something that you do better than your competition?  Is there something that is unique to you that no one else in your business or industry does?  Do you have special extensive education or experience that would give you a competitive advantage?  Whatever you do best, exploit it.  Make sure your customers and clients know what it is.

Now, this is important.  Make sure that what you do best is something your customers would find to be of value.  You might be the great at something, but if the customer doesn’t find value in it, it really doesn’t mean anything.

Exploit it by putting it in your promotional materials, writing articles for industry publications, participating at industry conferences by conducting a break-out session or presenting a speech.  Get the word out.  Being a specialist tied to industry knowledge and expertise gives you a tremendous advantage with your customers and clients.  It earns you respect, which in turn can help build loyalty, not just with your customers and clients, but also with the people you work with.

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