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Donna Peeples ABRDonna Peeples on How Brands Can Embrace Change
and Improve Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with Donna Peeples, a customer experience expert and Chief Customer Officer of Pypestream, a technology company offering secure mobile messaging, about how embracing change can enhance customer service and improve customer loyalty. Before Pypestream, Donna was Chief Customer Officer at AIG Property and Casualty, where she was responsible for leading communication, management, service delivery strategies, and practices for customers. Continue reading

Colin Shaw on Taking Your Customer Experience
to the Next Level

Shep Hyken speaks with founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy and bestselling author, Colin Shaw. They discuss Colin’s new book “The Intuitive Customer: 7 Imperatives for Moving Your Customer Experience to the Next Level.” Colin shares tips to help you understand your customer’s behaviors and how you can use that to increase sales. Is customer service important to you? Is sales important to you? Then, this episode of Amazing Business Radio shouldn’t be missed!
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Bruce TurkelBruce Turkel Shows Us How to Brand for
Customer Service Success

Shep speaks with branding expert, author, and professional speaker Bruce Turkel about how to brand your company for customer service. Bruce shares important tips and tools from his new book, “All About Them,” as they discuss the influence your customers have on your brand and how properly branding your company is essential for success. Listen to this episode of Amazing Business Radio and learn how to build your brand and reputation with your customers. The book may be titled, “All About Them,” but this episode is all about you!

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Tricia MorrisTricia Morris On What’s Changing In Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with customer service thought leader, author, Sr. Product Manager at Microsoft, and one of the top customer service influencers of 2016, Tricia Morris, about global customer service. Tricia shares stats and facts from Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report and how customer service is changing globally. They talk about how customer expectations are changing, and just as important, what customer support centers are doing about those changes. This is must-have information to help you navigate the ever changing world of customer service.

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Jeff Lesser Talks about Improving Customer Service with Twitter

Shep Hyken speaks with Twitter’s Senior Marketing Manager, Jeff Lesser, about  how to use Twitter for customer service. More and more customers are posting comments and questions for companies on Twitter. It is becoming a viable customer service channel as an alternative to email and the phone. Jeff shares several best practices and new tools that Twitter has created especially for customer service. They discuss how social media has greatly impacted customer service interactions between the customer and businesses, and how you can use this to your advantage. Don’t miss out on Jeff’s expert advice on how to improve customer service using Twitter!

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Michael Bungay Stanier on Coaching for Customer Service

Shep Hyken speaks with coaching and retention expert Michael Bungay Stanier on coaching for customer service. They discuss coaching methods and tips from Michael’s new book, “The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More, & Change the Way You Lead Forever.” Great customer service starts by hiring the right employees. Then you not only train, but coach them to success. Michael shares tips, techniques and strategies to coach your employees to customer service victory!

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Vala Afshar on the Future of Marketing: It’s Customer Service

Shep Hyken talks with Vala Afshar about how customer service is the future of marketing. Vala is the chief digital evangelist for Salesforce and author of “The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence.” He was named the most influential social media contributor on twitter for CMOs, CIOs, and CFOs. In this lively conversation Shep and Vala discuss how technology has evolved customer service into the “new marketing.” Vala shares how you can leverage technology to improve your customer service interactions, and in turn increase customer satisfaction. You can’t afford to miss this episode on cutting edge customer service technology!

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Donn Sorensen Shares Leadership Principles That
Drive a Customer-Focused Culture

Shep Hyken discusses how to create and maintain a customer-focused culture with Donn Sorensen, speaker, philanthropist, and Regional President of Mercy, a large healthcare organization based in St. Louis, MO. Donn shares his leadership principles and how they help to drive customer service and experience. He also shares tips from his new book, “Big Hearted Leadership: Five Keys to Create Success Through Compassion.” You can’t miss this episode on how to reshape your culture through leadership!

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Learning Sign LanguageA recent segment on the CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood had an amazing customer service story. Krystal Payne, at a Starbucks in Leesburg, VA, noticed that one of her customers, Ibby Piracha, was deaf. One day Ibby came to get his usual coffee and Krystal handed him a handwritten note, which read:

“I’ve been learning ASL, American Sign Language, just so you can have the same experience as everyone else.” 

Wow! Now, this is a customer service story worth sharing – and learning from! Continue reading

relationship buildingRelationship Building

Back in the 1980’s when I started my business, I read just about any book that I felt could help me. Back then if you went to the business section of the bookstore, there was maybe one shelf of books. One of those books was Harvey Mackay’s Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive. His company, MackayMitchell Envelope, is a prime example of how the product (envelopes, stationary and other printing products), while important, is really second to the customer service and relationship that he gives his customers. That philosophy made this book one of my “go to” business books. Continue reading