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Customer Service and Customer Care – What’s the Difference?

Recently one of our readers wrote in with a question about the difference between customer service and customer care. I sent back an answer and felt that it was worth sharing with everyone.

This type of question has been asked before. The reason there is confusion is because different people and companies give different names to their process. Comments like, “We give great customer service.” Or, “We go beyond customer service and believe in customer care.” Or, “We don’t just service our customers, we delight our customers.”

These statements are great. So what’s the best? Is it customer service, customer care, customer relations, customer delight, etc.? What should we call it, or is there a difference?

The answer is: There is no difference.

I don’t care what you call it. The terms are interchangeable. Brand it whatever you want. The bottom line is that you want to do one thing:

Make them come back the next time.

How you go about it is what is really important. That’s the process, not what you call it.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Call it customer service, customer care, customer loyalty, customer relations, etc. These are all labels that are meant to really do one thing. That is to get the customer/client to want to come back to you, and only you, the next time they need what it is that you do or sell.

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    • NWANKWOR EBERE says:

      Yes because he/she is the eyes of the bank before the customer. Any good treatment they got from the teller the customer will not say about the teller but about the bank, like wise any bad treatment.

    • Sunil Panikker says:

      A bank teller’s job is to service the customer. A customer of the bank wants to withdraw or deposit money and the teller provides that service.
      Service is not doing something exceptional. It is attending to the customer’s requirements from your organisation, be it a bank to a coffee shop. How well you attend to that customer reflects on how good or bad the quality of your service is.

    • niyinderera providence says:

      Customer service and customer care are the same but service only means its the action and olso care means the attention so customer service mean that to help the client by using action so its the same of customer care because during service before and after

  1. The difference between the two is ALTITUDE which stipulate that the way a customer is handle determines re purchase, loyalty and preference of one brand or services over another.

  2. HI,
    Nice article!

    customer service is traditionally based on interaction with customers after a purchase. Customer Care is everything from the very beginning of marketing efforts through sales and including any interaction anyone in the company has with any customer.

  3. Totally agree that customer care and customer service are interchangeable terms, where people often get tripped up is in using the umbrella term customer service for the more specific and technical customer support.

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