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5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of July 16, 2018

Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

7 Customer Service Lessons from the Best Uber Driver Ever by Neil Pasricha

(Fast Company) This Toronto Uber driver has maintained a 4.99 rating after driving nearly 5,000 passengers. When I climbed into his car, I found out why.

My Comment: I love a good story about a cab driver. (I’ve been telling the story of a cab driver for years in my speeches). This first article of the Top Five roundup for the week is a story of an Uber driver who absolutely gets the customer experience. Some very valuable lessons that apply to anyone who wants to deliver a great service experience. My favorite of the seven lessons is number three, which is to recognize that no matter how often we do what we do, it might be the customer’s first time.

A Comprehensive Career Guide For Aspiring Customer Experience Managers by Shruti Sarkar 

(Omoto) Not many people understand what a customer experience manager does or how to become a successful customer experience manager. In this article, I will take you through everything that you need to know about how to build a career in customer experience.

My Comment: This article is a comprehensive guide about the role of the customer experience manager. Plenty of great information here to get you thinking about the different responsibilities that go along with the job, and the impact a good CX manager can make. If you don’t have a customer experience manager, this article may convince you it’s time to do so.

A Better Customer Experience In The Future? You Can Bet On It by Christopher Elliott

(Forbes) If you think a better customer experience isn’t in your future, you must be a traveler.

My Comment: What does customer experience look like in the future? Christopher Elliott gives us a glimpse into what the CX will be like in the travel industry – and I think you’ll like it!

Talking About Repeat Business is Worth Repeating by Richard Shapiro

(TCFCR) I tell retailers to focus on how to get even one customer to purchase again. Then expand that and if a retailer can get 10% of their clientele to purchase two or three times during a year, think of the significant impact on revenues and profitability.

My Comment: This is a short article, but it packs a punch. The message is clear. Focus on creating a repeat customer. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, increasing the number of customers who come back, even by just a small percentage, has a big impact on your bottom line. This article is a simple reminder of the importance of creating repeat business.

(CustomerGauge) In 2017–2018, CustomerGauge collaborated with MIT CISR for their NPS® & CX Benchmarks Survey which surveyed 468 companies to assess Net Promoter® and customer experience strategies and practices across industries. The findings confirmed many held beliefs within the CX industry around closed loop practices, but also uncovered an increasingly urgent narrative around companies churning customers as a result of sub-optimal closed-loop practices.

My Comment: What do you do with feedback, once you get it? Do you circle back to the customer and “close the loop?” It’s one thing to get customer feedback. It’s another to do something with it. In this article, you’ll find some great insights on how to properly “close the loop” with your different types of customers.

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