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5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of November 20, 2017

Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

Is CX tied to revenue gains? A case study by Idaho Central Union by Avinash Bhaisa 

(Omoto) Quite a few organizations, even today, consider customer experience as a tertiary function. They assume that in the order of priority, it comes after customer acquisition. When I probed into the reason behind this, I understood that this belief stemmed from the idea that there is no concrete proof of whether CX is tied to revenue gains. Hence, unfortunately, when it comes to cost cutting or deprioritizing, customer experience initiatives are the first ones to face the brunt.

My Comment: This is a great case study that proves that CX impacts the bottom line. Jerry McGuire (from the movie of the same name) said, “Show me the money!” Well, this article will do exactly that!

One-to-One Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning by Karl Wirth & Katie Sweet

(Evergage) In this book, discover what one-to-one personalization is all about, how it’s evolved and what the future entails. Learn how it’s driven by machine learning, delivered across channels and powered by in-depth customer data. Get inspired by the potential for your business and gain insights on how to develop your own personalization strategy and program. Discover how to turn the one-to-one dream into a reality.

My Comment: This isn’t an article, it’s an entire book! And, it’s free. One of the big topics driving the customer experience today is “personalization.” With the right data, you can create an experience that sets you apart from your competition with a better CX. Stats and facts prove that a personalized experience allows you to upsell, cross-sell and create customer loyalty.

6 Best Practices for Thriving in the ‘Post-Human’ Customer Service Age by Anand Subramaniam

(Retail Customer Experience) To assess today’s state of self-service, eGain did some mystery shopping on leading websites, including those of retailers.

My Comment: AI fueled customer service is under a microscope. From the customer’s viewpoint, is it good, bad or frustrating? But, this article has even more information. What are the top three frustrations for customers trying to get service from the companies they do business with? Different answers from different support reps. Some support reps just don’t know the answers. And, can’t find the answers on the company’s website. Good article about the balance of AI/machine and human support.

Why Customer Experience & Tech are about Less than More? Stop Counterintuitive Design & Cut the Waste by Ricardo Saltz Gulko

(Eglobalis) This article will help you as a leader to decide or help your teams to decide where to cut useless features and functionalities. There is no sustainable customer experience without its real pillars: quality, design, great products, services and a human-centric design. But to get to those pillars, you need to remove complexity and useless feature from your products, services, design, and experience.

My Comment: I’ve been including a lot of Ricardo Saltz Gulko’s work in this roundup over the last couple of months. He’s focused on a topic we all need to pay attention to. He calls it simplification. I call it convenience. Be easy – or simple – to do business with. In this excellent article, Ricardo shares 20 ways to get rid of the waste – the extra steps and friction we may be putting our customers through when they do business with us.

Why Memory Is Your Most Powerful Tool For Building Customer Relationships by Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis

(Forbes) Leading brands like Amazon and Apple have set a new standard for attentive and thoughtful customer care, and companies striving for success today must meet or even exceed it. 

My Comment: Personalization is a hot topic. “Memory” can be a big part of that. A customer service rep’s or salesperson’s memory, sometimes supported by data and technology, can be a competitive advantage. Stats and facts prove that customers buy more and come back more often when their experience is personalized. Great article. Thanks for putting it out there!


23 CX Experts Reveal the Best Ways to Measure Customer Experience Success by Editor

(Editor Guided Selling) We reached out to 23 customer experience experts and asked them two key questions: 1) What is your #1 tip for prioritizing CX initiatives? 2) What are your favorite metrics to measure the success of CX initiatives and why?

My Comment: How do you measure success? Here are some thoughts and comments by 23 CX experts brought to you from I’m honored that they included my ideas in the roundup. Lots of great ideas here. I’m sure you’ll find at least one you can use.

Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling business author. For information contact or For information on The Customer Focus™ customer service training programs go to Follow on Twitter: @Hyken

  1. Thanks so much Shep, for including my article regarding simplification and discussing how to cut unnecessary features and functionalities off the enterprise technology world and almost for any sector. In order to make it as you called several times, friction-less, easy to use, and easy to engage a real convenience as you mention. Make easy means loyalty, references, more engagements, growth and a direct positive impact in any company bottom line. Thanks so much kr R

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