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5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of September 25, 2017

Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

Why You Must Answer Every Negative Review by Jay Baer

(Convince & Convert) When confronted with criticism, our instincts take over. We either pick a fight or turn the other cheek and pretend it didn’t happen, as a defense mechanism.

My Comment: Jay Baer knows, probably better than anyone else on the planet, how to deal with negative online reviews and comments. In this article, he shares reasons to answer ALL reviews. I once saw a poster in my dentist’s office that asked the question: Which teeth should I floss? The answer: Only the ones you want to keep. It’s the same with customers who leave online reviews. Which ones should you answer? The ones from the customers you want to keep – which is all of them!

Voice of the Customer Decoded: 4 Tips to Make the Most of Feedback by Susan Ganeshan

(CMSWire) Collecting customer feedback is crucial, but there’s more to capturing the voice of the customer (VoC) than compiling readily available data and dropping it into a spreadsheet.

My Comment: Feedback is more than just asking a few customers how they feel about your product or service. It is a serious business strategy that takes a lot of thought and preparation to execute properly. This short article has several excellent tips to help you capture the Voice of the Customer, also known as VoC.

Billionaire Elon Musk responds to unhappy Tesla customer on a Friday night, teaching a brilliant lesson in customer service by Catherine Clifford

(CNBC) Though billionaire rech entrepreneur Elon Musk is running a handful of companies and planning for interplanetary human existence, he’s not too busy to respond to a single frustrated customer.

My Comment: This is how it’s done! When a leader of a large organization takes the time to respond to an unhappy customer, it not only makes the customer happy. It shows the entire organization how important it is to take care of customers. Elon Musk is a role model in many areas, and now you can add customer service to the list.

Customer Experience Is The Product by Vala Afshar

(Huffington Post) The number of connected devices on the Internet will exceed 50 billion by 2020, this according to Cisco. By 2022, 1 trillion networked sensors will be embedded in the world around us, with up to 45 trillion in 20 years. The number of devices connected to IP networks will be three times as high as the global population in 2021. According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), B2B spending on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, apps and solutions will reach $267B by 2020. One of the key growth drivers for the Internet of Things will be smart homes.

My Comment: Vala Afshar always writes interesting and intriguing articles. He nails this one on customer experience (CX). He shares key takeaways from an interview he had with Stuart Lombard, president, and CEO of ecobee. The eight ideas are Lombard’s take on what helped build his company – ideas we should all study and learn from.

How Amazing Customer Service Can Help You Double Your Revenue by Neil Patel

(Neil Patel) Customer service goes a long way when it comes to growing and sustaining your company.

My Comment: My friend Steve Miller sent over this article by Neil Patel. Neil is an internet marketing expert and he shares his take on the importance of customer service, and how it can help a company double its revenue. There is a lot of good information here. You’ll have to work around some of Neil’s promotional copy, but it is well worth the effort. (Who doesn’t want to double revenue?!)


There’s No Room for Hate in Social Media or Customer Service by Dan Gingiss

(Winning at Social) The word “haters” wasn’t particularly common in the English lexicon until the late 1990s, and “haters gonna hate” first appeared in the lyrics of an R&B song in the year 2000. Today, the phrase is the source of countless memes and a recurring refrain in a popular Taylor Swift song. It’s almost become trendy to be a hater, and having haters is something of a badge of honor.

My Comment: My friends Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman have an excellent podcast worth listening to – and subscribing to! The topic of this episode is about how there is no room for hate in social media and customer service. I just wrote an article about racism in customer service, and this is the perfect follow-up. Once you hear this episode, you’ll want to hear more. These guys know their “stuff.”

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