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Guest Blog: Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support

This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jason Grills, writes about the importance of good customer support and the impact it can have on your business. Customer support agents must understand just how important their roles and responsibilities are to the customer experience. – Shep Hyken

Live ChatYour customers are the core of your business and, as such, they need to be provided with the best possible customer support when they need it, which is the key factor that can significantly improve your overall business. What’s more? Consumers today expect to receive high-quality service when doing business with various brands, so meeting their customer needs should be one of your top priorities.

How exactly can good customer service improve your business? By providing your customers with excellent customer service, you will improve their experience with your brand, which will help you build strong customer relationships and, consequently, good reputation and a strong brand. You will engage your customers in your brand and inspire customer loyalty, which means that they will always come back to do business with you.

Therefore, you will manage to increase your sales and generate more revenue, thus improve your bottom line. That is how great of an impact great customer support can have on your business, which is why you must do everything in your power to improve it and satisfy your customers.

If you provide your target customers with a centralized web-based knowledge base of information, helping them find the solutions to their pain points on their own, without the hassle of phone calls to your contact center, you need to make sure they receive the best customer support within your knowledge base. You can effectively accomplish that by integrating your knowledge base with live chat software.

Of course, they your customers can contact your customer support agents if they have any questions regarding your products or services, but providing them with live chat will be of much greater help, because not every consumer wants to talk to a customer support agent or even has the time to wait in queues for someone to take their call.

Integrating live chat software with your knowledge base can provide both your customers and your business with a number of benefits, but take a closer look at why it is important for the customer support you offer.

Your Customers Can Receive Instant Answers

Who likes being put on hold, really? If every customer has to wait forever for an agent to take their calls and resolve their customer problems, they will eventually get tired of waiting and simply try and find the answers they need someplace else.

In the fast-paced world we live in, consumers expect to receive instant answers when they need some help, which is exactly the main idea behind live chat, since it enables real-time communication. Therefore, you should really use live chat to its full potential and integrate it with your knowledge base as soon as possible.

That way, your live chat agents can provide your customers with instant answers to their questions, especially when each and every answer will be right at your agents’ fingertips – in the centralized knowledge base. When every person engaging in your brand can get immediate solutions to their customer pain points, they will be much more satisfied with your brand and, thus, they will be more likely to become your loyal customers.

Improved Customer Experience

This goes hand in hand with the previous benefit of live chat integration with your knowledge base, but there are a few more factors that can contribute to your customers’ experience with your brand. Apart from receiving instant answers, your customers can be provided with consistent answers, which is just as important.

This means that whether they decide to call your contact center or engage in live chat conversation with your agents, they will get the same consistent answers – the same high-quality customer support. This is due to the fact that your live chat agents can access your knowledge base instantly and give the best solutions to your every single customer, thus greatly improving their customer experience.

What can also highly influence customer experience is the way customer support agents actually communicate with them. While you can improve your agents’ communication skills by providing them with the proper training, you can also improve the way they handle your customers’ issues by integrating live chat with your knowledge base.

How exactly does this help? Since your agents will be able to easily communicate with multiple customers via live chat, without putting them on hold and stressing over searching for the right solutions, they will become more efficient and productive and, thus, more satisfied with their jobs. When someone loves their job, it reflects on their work and people around them. Hence, your customers will recognize the emotional investment of your agents and they will feel cared for.

Therefore, their customer experience will be considerably improved, which will make them more engaged in your brand. Ultimately, you will raise brand awareness and enlarge your customer base, succeeding in attracting more quality leads and converting them into customers, eventually increasing your sales and ROI.

Great Cost-Effectiveness

If you integrate your knowledge base with live chat software, not only will you help your customer support agents save a lot of time, but you will also save quite a lot of money. There would be fewer phone calls to handle, thus, you will greatly reduce your costs.

Moreover, you will enable your customers to save a lot of money as well, since they will not need to pay phone call tolls, as they would be able to easily communicate with your customer support agents for free via live chat. What would make your customers more satisfied with your brand than reduced costs on their side?

These are the most important benefits that your knowledge base integration with live chat can provide you with when it comes to better customer support, so be sure to take them into account. If you still don’t have a knowledge base, make sure you check out the ProProfs Knowledge Base Software, as it is one of the best types of enterprise wiki software you can choose and it offers excellent customer support 24/7. It easily integrates with live chat software and many other tools and can help you grow your business in no time.

Jason Grills is a writer and a technical support executive currently associated with ProProfs Knowledgebase Software. He enjoys writing about emerging software products, new designs and trends in content marketing. He lives in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, Jason enjoys pampering his pet dogs, shopping, and doing all things creative.

For more articles from Shep Hyken and his guest contributors go to customerserviceblog.com.

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