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It Didn’t Absolutely, Positively Have to Be Here Overnight… But It Was!

A couple of months ago I wrote about, the online shoe company that buys its employees out of their jobs.  They take pride in delivering “WOW” moments to customers.

Recently I placed another order with  Shortly after placing the order, I received the usual e-mail to confirmation.  However, it shared a piece of very good, totally unexpected news.

Here’s what the e-mail said: “Although you originally ordered Standard (4 to 5 business days) shipping and handling, we have given your order special priority processing in our warehouse and are upgrading the shipping and delivery time frame for your order. Your order will ship out today and be given a special priority shipping status so that you can receive your order even faster than we originally promised! Please note that this is being done at no additional cost to you. It is simply our way of saying thank you for being our customer.”

I placed the order on a Wednesday, and it arrived on Thursday – WOW!

Did you notice that Zappos told me ahead of time about the unexpected shipping upgrade?
That e-mail gave me two Moments of Magic®:

  1. The moment when I read the e-mail
  2. The moment when the merchandise arrived as promised!

LESSON:  When you find a way to dramatically exceed your customer’s expectations, let them know it – even exploit it.  Do it right and you’ll get two Moments of Magic® for the price of one.


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