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  1. I totally disagree with statement 1. I have been in the copier business for 33 years and I can point to several clients that have been with me 20 plus years and most can still point to something outstanding that we as a team did for them. Even a new principal at a school said “I heard about the service you have given us over the years.” My first visit was 30 years ago. I went from 20 miles away same day to demonstrate a product someone a mile away would not bring out to the school. A copy product that I carried up 2 flights of steps by myself. They spend about $10,000 a year with us and have for years.

    • Hi Bernie – Thanks for sharing your comment. I personally am in your camp, regardless of what the research says. If all things were equal, then perhaps just meeting expectations would be good enough. However it is the extra effort, as you have demonstrated to your clients, that creates unwavering loyalty.

      I did enjoy this article. I found it had lots of great info, stats and some content that made me think. Obviously, it made you think about your business as well. Thank you again for “stopping by.”

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