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Guest Blog: Technology Trends That Will Govern the CX Landscape

This week we feature an article by Shaista Haque who writes about the top technology trends of 2017 that she believes will disrupt customer experience benchmarks. – Shep Hyken

“Consistent innovation is the greatest invention for all generations.”

The breakthrough technologies have swamped the world and it’s the truth that all this change has been enticing for most of us. The pace at which mankind is moving towards digitalized economy is a clear evidence of the fact that the world will sooner become automated where the human intervention and manual interference will have no space. However, the new and the robust technologies have removed the loops and have provided humans with the opportunity to work at a lower rate of defection.

What comes to your mind when I talk about businesses revolutionizing their technology experience?

Some of you might be thinking about businesses upgrading their existing technology or buying a new one. Well, the year 2017 is not only about revolutionizing business experience but at the same time exemplifying your customer’s expectations by lighting up the dense areas that have been underlying beneath the shadows of grievances and dark memories.

Let us have a quick look at the top technology trends of 2017 that will disrupt the customer experience benchmarks:

Artificial Intelligence: Truly, Artificial Intelligence has made organizations capable of tackling different situations. Managing big data, providing efficient customer service, streamlining the process and enhancing user experience are some of the benefits that artificial intelligence has provided humans with. If we define AI, it is the science behind technologies that has the ability to act like human beings based on the data captured which might include behaviour pattern of the different set of audience, huge knowledge pool, and the competence to solve different problems. Also, the smart customers are becoming more inclined towards the online mediums of interactions like live chat, social media or even email. By proper integration of Artificial intelligence with these online mediums or call center software businesses can create awe-inspiring customer experience memories by analyzing the past customer history, behaviour trends, etc.

Mixed Reality: In the past few years, we have seen the battle between the augmented reality and the virtual reality, but now it’s time to witness the new reality i.e. the world of mixed reality. While Virtual Reality races the user into a new and pre-designed world, augmented reality clubs the digital informative layer in the user’s real world. Mixed Reality with its huge impact has the power to change the world as it will combine the positives of VR and AR, brushing away the odds of failures. By combining the two worlds, we can now see major advancements in the field of customer service, education, fitness, communication and much more. Just to give you a glimpse, a customer service representative wearing those magic glasses can now solve issues remotely with the flash of necessary information in his/her vision while diagnosing the complete machine virtually.

Intelligent apps: The cost of business operation and the rate of defection have reduced to minimal. If we talk about smart or intelligent apps, businesses that are into customer service or sales are the ones who have been witnessing continuous growth. For instance, let’s talk about a food delivery service app that is well known in the market to maintain its high level of customer satisfaction score. One day a customer during peak hours lodged a complaint on the live chat about the late delivery. The customer got amazed with the response time which was less than a second and finally left the chat with a smile on his face. Well, do you think that on the other side a human was typing? Obviously ‘No’

It was the chatbot on the other side replying with ‘0′ defection rate. The smart apps have some of the features of human assistance that are prebuilt in the system. Usually, during peak and festive hours, it becomes difficult for organizations to manage huge incoming traffic but with the help of chatbots, queries that involve less human intervention can be taken care of. Thus, by combining contact center technology with intelligent apps, businesses can reap out hidden benefits that will not only improve their service levels but at the same time will also reduce the operational cost.

Internet of Things: Are you able to imagine what you have never observed? Or are you able to observe what you recently imagined?

I know it sounds confusing, but this is what actually Internet of things can do to users. IOT refers to embedding objects with sensors or actuators so that they can exchange data in the dynamic world. Let us have a look at some of the examples to understand it better and you might be witnessing many of these in this year ahead. While driving down the street, a sensor in your car gets the interruptions from the cloud via traffic lights about the congestion ahead, an alarm on your phone can tell you about the possible theft in your house, the smart watch is able to detect your faulty heart beat urging you to visit a doctor and many examples like these can help you see a better tomorrow. Thus, businesses with the help of IOT have been taking their customer experience to several notches higher.

Conversational systems: A dialogue or a conversational technology is a computerized system that has been customized to converse with humans within a particular structure. From people conversing with computers for answers, ordering their phones to dial numbers, asking about weather and time is a clear indication towards the fact that the world today has the power to simplify workflows by reducing the manual work. The conversational system has been aiding humans in getting their work faster and simplifying their lifestyles.

Shaista Haque is a marketing enthusiast at Ameyo call center software solutions. She is extremely passionate about B2B marketing strategies for products that harness the web and social media as customer channels. Armed with this information, she writes about latest industry technologies and how it benefits organizations from small scale to global enterprises.

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