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Guest Blog: How AI Can Help the Customer Experience for Your Business

This week we feature an article by Wayne Elsey who writes about how businesses can improve the experiences of their customers with the use of artificial intelligence. – Shep Hyken

With the passing of another year in the digital age, the reality is that we all have to be more aware of how artificial intelligence is entering into our lives. Smart business leaders know that to maintain a competitive advantage, they have to keep an eye on the future. The future is now as it concerns artificial intelligence, and it provides an excellent opportunity for business owners to stay ahead of the competition, but more importantly, offer customers a more tailored and enhanced experience.

Roy Raanani, CEO and Founder, said in a Forbes article that artificial intelligence was being democratized with the creation of open source technology that was leveling the playing field. In other words, any business owner is moving into a reality where they can choose to create their own algorithms for the benefit of their company and customers. A report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers also supported the idea that AI is changing the business landscape. As artificial intelligence spreads from global corporations to Main Street, customers will benefit from an enhanced experience with companies.

The way businesses relate to customers is evolving exponentially. Consumers want to be catered to their specific needs. They want solutions on demand. The public is seeking to have companies provide them with products and services targeted to their particular needs and wants, which is why Amazon has become one of the most significant companies in the world. Consumers also want more personalized experiences that eschew the cookie cutter approach when patronizing businesses.

If you’re a business leader, there are several ways that you can improve the experiences of your customers with the use of artificial intelligence.

Chatbots for the basics

Chatbots are one of the simplest things your company can use to enhance the customer experience of your customers. With self-learning technology, chatbots are becoming commonplace as they answer some of the fundamental questions, on demand, that consumers may want to know about businesses, thus freeing up team members to focus on more important work. Chatbots offer an excellent advantage for companies because they’re available all of the time and there’s never a need for a customer to wait for an answer concerning the products and services of a company or to answer things such as how to make a return or exchange. What’s more, since AI is self-learning, chatbots improve as they interact with people and only get better with time.

Data collection for more targeted marketing

The digital age is also the era of big data, and artificial intelligence consumes it voraciously providing human marketers and business leaders with vast amounts of relevant information that only enhances their ability to communicate with their target audience. The ability of companies to collect data through customer engagement platforms such as one provided by IBM, synthesizing information from people who visit company websites, for instance, even when consumers don’t ask for more details, provides marketers with valuable insights. The information that the public offers companies through their social media interactions and visits to company websites is providing AI the ability to synthesize the data so marketers can customize more personalized messages to people. This ability only enhances the customer experience and helps inform them as they move through the sales funnel.

The integration of humans and AI

Business owners and their marketing teams understand that video is essential. One of the freshest ways to communicate with customers and potential ones is the use of video not only by marketing teams but in the entire operations of a company. Our team, for instance, has started to use a video platform called Bomb Bomb, but there are others, such as Covideo and Viwomail. For us, the data has shown that we are having a much higher level of responses with our current customers, but we’re also converting people more quickly and at a higher rate on the sales side, with the use of email videos. The reason for this is simple. People like to see people and do business with people they trust, and we’ve been able to provide friendly faces to our audience, across multiple departments.

Artificial intelligence provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to use powerful tools that cater to the desire of modern consumers to have what they need when and how they want it. Tools such as chatbots, data collection platforms for consumer engagement and video emails for that personalized touch are but three of the ways businesses can take advantage of artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience.

Wayne Elsey is the founder and CEO of Elsey Enterprises (EE), which includes Funds2Orgs Group. A nationally recognized authority in leadership and topics related to motivation, business and personal success, Wayne’s work is dedicated to business projects that have a humanitarian impact.

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