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Customer Service and Experience (CX) Keynote Speech Topics and Content

  1. Creating Amazing Experiences: Discover the true essence of customer experience  – It’s not what you think. 
  1. Managing the Moment™: Transform everyday Moments of Truth (customer interactions) into Moments of Magic®, enhancing customer satisfaction. 
  1. Handling Complaints and Confrontations: Address Moments of Misery™ with Shep’s five-step approach. 
  1. Strategies for Leadership: Tools, tactics, and strategies tailored for the C-Suite and management. 
  1. Friction-Free Experiences: Learn how to create convenience, eliminate friction, and provide effortless customer interactions.  
  1. The Employee Golden Rule: Treat your employees the way you want customers to be treated. 
  1. Cultivating CX Culture: Building customer service and experience into the DNA of your organization. 
  1. And More: Shep’s wealth of knowledge offers much more to improve your audience’s understanding of CX. 

Shep’s Engaging Presentations

Shep Hyken’s speeches are dynamic, filled with important topics and strategies and presented with high energy and an entertaining speaking style. He expertly pulls the best content from his books and articles to tailor it to your audience’s needs. Attendees will leave with actionable ideas ready for immediate implementation. 

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Customized for Your Audience

Below are more descriptive examples of some of Shep’s content. Titles can be adjusted and matched to create a speech that is perfect for your audience and meets your goals for the presentation.

How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience (CX) 

This is Shep Hyken’s most requested speaking topic. Your customers are smarter than ever before. They no longer compare you to your direct competition but instead to the best experiences they have had from any company or brand in any industry (B2B and B2C). These rockstar companies have educated your customers on what great customer service looks like. The result is the customer service and CX bar are higher than ever, and now, more than ever, we must deliver an amazing CX that separates you from your competition. 

The Convenience Revolution

How easy are you to do business with? Whether you know it or not, your customers compare you to the easiest companies to do business with, such as Amazon, Apple, and others. They set the benchmark when it comes to an easy and friction-free experience. A convenient experience could be what differentiates you from your competition. When all else is equal (your products and service), the company that offers an easier—as in more convenient—experience will win. Shep reveals the six Convenience Principles that will give you a competitive edge. It’s time to join the revolution—the Convenience Revolution! 

Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

Customer service is not a department. It’s a philosophy. Customer Experience (CX) is not just a strategy. It’s ingrained in the culture. These concepts must be part of the organization’s culture and be embraced by everyone from the CEO to the most recently hired. Shep shares his six-step process to create and maintain a customer-focused culture that creates customer and employee loyalty. Shep preaches that what’s happening on the inside of the organization is felt on the outside by its customers.

Be Amazing or Go Home

This is a motivational speech about relationships with both customers and colleagues. People want to do business and work with companies and people who they know, like, trust, and are amazing. They want people to meet and exceed their expectations. Creating amazement is easier than you think. When it comes to customer service and experience, amazement isn’t always about an over-the-top or WOW experience. On the contrary, amazement is within the grasp of everyone. This speech teaches the habits that create confidence and build stronger relationships. It’s a mindset that can be developed. The choice is simple: Be amazing or go home! 

Creating An Amazing Customer Experience in Scary Times

Shep’s “Scary Times” speech emphasizes the importance of losing focus on your customer service and CX efforts during tough – and scary – times. We’ve experienced (or are currently experiencing) scary times, such as inflation, a shaky economy, supply chain problems, challenging employment issues, and even a worldwide pandemic. During tough times and/or a crisis, we must remain focused on taking care of our customers and employees. Shep shares ideas and tactics that help maintain – and even improve – customer service and CX during “scary times” and beyond. 

Creating an Amazing Digital Self-Service Experience Using AI 

Nobody woke up and said, “I want to call customer support, wait on hold, and get transferred three times to get the answer to a simple question.” Many of today’s customers embrace and even prefer a digital self-service experience. In the recent past, digital customer support meant a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions on a company’s website, video tutorials on YouTube, a chatbot that could answer basic questions, etc. And now the game has changed. With the latest in AI and ChatGPT-type solutions, the digital customer support experience has never been better. You’re communicating with a machine that understands your questions, can speak your language, and will even make appropriate suggestions. Shep shares ideas on how companies and brands are finding the balance between digital support and human-to-human support, using the latest AI technologies to create the experience that (for many issues) makes it easier and more convenient for their customers.  

How Shep Creates a Customized Keynote Speech Perfect For Your Audience 

When you book Shep for a keynote speech, he will have as many calls as necessary to create the perfect speech that is customized and tailored to your audience. In addition, Shep provides a pre-program questionnaire that helps him understand your audience and prepares him for the program. Topics and content are pulled from any and all of his books. Don’t be hung up on titles. Shep will work with you to develop the right title for the speech. And be prepared to answer two very important questions: 

  1. What three things do you want the audience to remember after the speech? 
  1. If we were to get together a year from now, what would have to happen to feel this was the best investment in a speaker you have ever made? 

These two questions help define the success criteria of the speech. Shep will work with you to meet your goals. This is your meeting and your audience. Shep’s agenda is simple: Create and deliver a speech that educates, inspires, and motivates your audience. 

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