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Guest Post: Elevate Your Business’ Customer Service With the Help of QR Codes

This week, we feature an article by Claron Kinny, SEO Outreach Specialist at Beaconstac, a company that creates and manages QR codes for brands for an immersive offline and online CX. He shares how companies can use QR codes to improve customer service and experience. We have all encountered QR codes at some point in […]

This week, we feature an article by Claron Kinny, SEO Outreach Specialist at Beaconstac, a company that creates and manages QR codes for brands for an immersive offline and online CX. He shares how companies can use QR codes to improve customer service and experience.

We have all encountered QR codes at some point in our lives, and their popularity has only grown throughout the coronavirus outbreak. Even before the pandemic, usage of QR codes increased by 96% between 2018 and 2020, highlighting its importance in this digital era. QR codes are commonly used for payments and advertisements and are effortlessly offering a contactless solution to customers. So if you’re looking to explore QR codes for your brand, we have got you covered. 

The truth is QR codes are used for numerous purposes. For instance, QR codes can effectively be implemented in customer service. They save critical data, allowing consumers to access information and execute certain activities more quickly, ensuring an excellent customer service experience. 

In this blog post, we will look at some of the most creative ways companies employ QR codes to help customers and provide a matchless customer experience. Continue reading to learn more. 

QR codes in customer service: How effective is it?

Most websites have a customer service section, usually in the form of a chat for quick responses to simple queries. According to studies, customers now demand a near-instant response from customer service, with 90% expecting an immediate answer. So it is important to have prompt customer service in place for maximum customer satisfaction.   

QR codes simplify the process of reaching out to customer service without having them figure out a way on their own to reach out to you. You can easily use QR codes to drive customers to customer assistance sections on your website, social media channels, and other platforms. 

Ensuring that every time a consumer contacts your customer service, they receive timely, useful information they require is critical here. You can connect the QR codes with the live chat software on your official website so that your customers can directly land there for any queries they may have. Furthermore, they increase the speed at which customers provide feedback or look for solutions and reduce the time for resolutions as well. 

How are businesses leveraging QR codes for customer service?

Let us see how businesses are leveraging QR codes to provide customers with an unparalleled service experience: 

  • QR codes for drive-thru transactions 

McDonald’s approach to consumers at its drive-thru windows is one such example. Rather than having a person take orders from vehicles, consumers may simply scan the QR code on the menu board and place their order. The order is then dispatched to the kitchen and is ready when they arrive at the window. 

  • QR codes in hotel check-ins and rooms 

QR codes are used in the hospitality industry, especially by hotel chains, to interact with customers. QR codes are available at each check-in counter and on the room doors as well. Customers can find out about places to visit in the city, the in-room dining menu, and other important information needed by scanning the QR code. It may also include contact information for several departments within the building. 

  • QR codes in storefronts 

Food brands such as Dunkin Donuts use QR codes for discounts and offers. Customers need to scan the code via their smartphone camera to see all special and ongoing deals, such as “Buy-1-coffee-get-1-free”.  

  • QR codes for product exchange and return services 

 Amazon, the leading online retail giant, provides a contactless return service through QR codes. To return an Amazon product, go to a drop-off site, such as Amazon Hub Counter, Kohl’s, or UPS, and scan your QR code. This method does not need you to package or label your things. Instead, the drop-off site will be packing it, labeling it, as well as shipping your return, and that too without any charge. 

  • QR codes for product manuals 

Instead of having a printed product manual, tech-savvy companies and manufacturers offer a QR code that leads to online product manuals, including troubleshooting and how-to videos, color images, and other relevant information. You can even use QR codes to redirect customers to their product’s warranty cards.  

  • QR codes for customer feedback 

It is important for both product and service-based companies to collect feedback from their customers to plan for improvements in the future and to provide accurate assistance. Customers can scan the QR codes to submit feedback, file a complaint, or even be redirected to a customer service portal for queries. You can even create a digital business card with a QR code that you can hand out to customers. These digital business cards will have all the information you want your customers to have.  

By channeling QR codes’ strength, businesses can support and connect with their customers more efficiently. QR codes play a huge role in customer services; businesses can quickly respond to every customer query, feedback, and complaint.  

To sum it up

 If you’re new to the world of QR codes and planning to incorporate them into your business card, websites, or social media channels, there are many QR code generators out there that come with several unique and specific features. QR codes boost the overall customer experience when used as a part of your customer service strategies. Whatever the purpose is, QR codes are an effective digital tool that gives you actionable insights into their usage, which can prove beneficial to your business.  

Claron Kinny is a brand nut. He has an unceasing curiosity about what brands do to break through the clutter to stay relevant to their audience. He also loves to explore how simple tech (QR Codes lately) can be used to improve customer experiences and, consequently, scale up brands.

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