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Guest Blog: Live Chat Simplifies the Customer Journey

This week we feature an article by Sawaram Suthar who writes about how live chat can simplify the customer journey. I believe that chat is an excellent self-help tool. Always remember that the customer just wants to be taken care of, regardless of how you go about it. – Shep Hyken Businesses often face multiple challenges with respect to how […]

This week we feature an article by Sawaram Suthar who writes about how live chat can simplify the customer journey. I believe that chat is an excellent self-help tool. Always remember that the customer just wants to be taken care of, regardless of how you go about it. – Shep Hyken

Businesses often face multiple challenges with respect to how to simplify the customer journey. These challenges must be tackled to achieve improved quality and quantity of leads. The most crucial challenge comes from converting website visitors into leads and then onboarding them.

Many times, businesses want tools or resources that help their customers. A live chat tool can help businesses significantly improve lead capture efforts, customer onboarding, and long-term support. A live chat tool is ideal for these tasks as it owes to interactive methodology and better communication.

Here’s how live chat simplifies the customer journey:

1.    Proactively greets every website visitor.

To improve visitor engagement and bring them closer to conversion, communication is essential. Businesses can enable proactive greetings for website visitors by analyzing their online behavior. After multiple visits, the live chat can be triggered to proactively greet and ask questions regarding the visit’s purpose. When website visitors see something of value and find proactive live chat support to clear the doubts, there is a higher chance of being converted into a customer.

2.    Answers queries and clears doubts, around the clock.

Live chat tools are a great way to turn visitors into prospects and prospects into customers by engaging them through relevant answers to queries. Using live website agents, businesses can ensure prospective buyers don’t leave without answers to queries about the business and its services. Live agents are equipped with advanced algorithms to answer visitor queries, making them confident in their purchasing decision.

Promising travel search marketplace, ixigo, uses the power of live chat to solve traveler queries around the clock. Known as ixibaba, the live chat helps travelers plan a trip through live conversation, allowing them to find the best flights, hotels, and transportation. Ixibaba also provides suggestions and tips for places to visit and tourist attractions to see.

3.    Provides a seamless customer on-boarding experience.

Live agents enable businesses to offer seamless customer support and onboarding experiences. Busy lifestyles and hectic routines result in customers/visitors wanting support at a time convenient to them. Live chat enables businesses to offer 24/7 support services, ensuring better customer engagement and delightful onboarding experiences. In addition, and because of chat support aligning with fast-paced lifestyles, live chats have a better chance of succeeding with both prospective and existing customers to drive revenue growth.

The Royal Bank of Scotland uses the power of AI live chats to provide customers with real-time customer support. Luvo, their dedicated customer support live chat, helps customers carry out daily tasks and get information about account balances, funds transfers and much more using live conversations.

4.    Employs live chat analytics to better understand prospective buyers.

To understand a website visitor’s behavior, live chat software is embedded with analytics tools. Businesses can determine how often specific pages are visited, how long visitors stay on them and what sections most interest them. Per a survey, more than 55% of online buyers abandon their shopping carts if quick answers to their queries aren’t received.

Analytics can help identify user behaviors like continuous browsing of particular products or services. Business can then use this information to identify the best moments to engage a visitor in conversation with a live agent. This can ultimately result in the conversion of the visitor to a lead and closed sales by enriching users with relevant details about products/services.

Global fashion giant H&M makes use of live chat analytics to understand shoppers’ fashion preferences. The live chat asks the shopper a few questions to get an idea about their fashion taste, likes, and dislikes, then provides the most appropriate shopping suggestions using analytics.

5.    Engages visitors with real-time proactive chat sessions.

According to an industry survey, 44% of total online consumers reveal that receiving answers to product questions by a live person during online purchase activity is one of the most important website features. It improves the buying experience. The current generation is used to digital methods of interaction, like the live chat.

Once users become acquainted with chatting, they feel comfortable engaging with a brand using a live chat agent on its website. The live chat agent helps talk to prospects in real-time by answering inquiries, gathering information and providing solutions.  All of which combine to improve businesses’ chances of converting every visitor into a lead. The information gathered during the live chat session can be used to pitch individuals with additional relevant information, making them interested in particular services or products.

Online gifting platform, 5Gifts4Her, uses the power of live chats to help users find gifts for loved ones, discover products, personalize, and address inquiries through the conversational method. The live chat is revolutionizing the online gifting landscape and whole e-commerce domain by assisting users to make real-time shopping decisions by clearing their doubts.


As a revolutionary tool for improving website conversion metrics, live chats stir the business landscape and the online customer journey through inherent advantages. Live chat tools are fast, responsive, interactive and becoming more relevant in the online world of social interactions.

Sawaram Suthar is CMO at Tagove, a provider of chat software and also a founder of Jagat Media. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune.

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