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Guest Post: Predictions for Customer Behaviors and Digital CX Trends in 2022

This week, we feature an article by Arvind Kumar, head of product marketing at Zonka Feedback, an all-in-one customer feedback and survey management software. He writes about the future of digital customer experience and explores the CX predictions and trends for 2022. Digital Marketing and purchasing have grown to a large extent over a couple […]

This week, we feature an article by Arvind Kumar, head of product marketing at Zonka Feedback, an all-in-one customer feedback and survey management software. He writes about the future of digital customer experience and explores the CX predictions and trends for 2022.

Digital Marketing and purchasing have grown to a large extent over a couple of years. Since the arrival of the pandemic, customers have shifted more towards dealing with businesses digitally. Online shopping, home deliveries, and digitally exploring the market by the customers have increased to a large extent. This has emerged the need for businesses to provide incredible digital Customer Experiences. 

For a few years, let’s say around a decade, there has been a lot of change in Customer Behavior. Now, the customers’ priority has already been shifted more towards Customer Experience. If we go back a decade or two, it was not the case. People used to consider factors like price, product quality, and variety as their top priority while making buying decisions. These factors are still considered but are overtaken by Customer Experience. According to the latest Customer Experience trends, customers prioritize Customer Experience more than anything else, and they are even ready to pay more for a better Customer Experience. 

And now, with the shift of customer behavior towards digitally availing products and services, businesses also can’t afford to ignore digital CX, and they have to pay more focus on providing a great Customer Experience through online platforms. In this article, we will discuss the future of digital Customer Experience, explore some Customer Experience related predictions for 2022, and some trends that can be foreseen in the coming year. 

Future of Digital Customer Experience 

Technology has entered everywhere in this digital era. With fast-paced lives and lack of time, customers nowadays prefer to do most of the tasks digitally for which they used to go out of their houses. Whether it is shopping, banking, working, entertainment, or even dating, digital options are available nowadays, and people are using them.   

Moreover, the pandemic has tremendously increased this tendency to go digital. This has changed the ways of doing business all around the world. As a result, almost all businesses need digital platforms to grow and provide their products and services to customers. Here are some elements that will play a crucial role in delivering great digital Customer Experiences. 

  1. Being Omnipresent

Businesses will now adopt and will have to adopt the approach of being omnipresent for the customers. If they don’t do so, they will possibly lose their customers. Customers use multiple digital channels like email, SMS, social media, smart apps, and more. If you want to cover a high number of customers, you will have to be present and serve the customers through the maximum channels.  

  1. Instant and Exceptional Customer Service

Instant and exceptional Customer Service is necessary to satisfy the customers. With several digital platforms on their fingers, they can easily switch to your competitors if not satisfied with your customer service. So, you have to provide instant all-time (24/7) services to your customers. Moreover, the service quality must be excellent. Services create experiences and based on experience with your services, the customers judge you and decide to stay with you or find a better brand online. 

  1. Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer Feedback is crucial for any business to grow. And with the rise in the digital culture, it will further impact your customers’ buying decisions and potential customers. Word of mouth spread like wildfire through digital platforms like social media and review websites, especially when people started using them more than ever before.  

You have to collect Customer Feedback and take it seriously. If a complaint or concern is raised about a bad experience through feedback, you will have to work on it in real-time before it gets viral on social media or becomes a bad rating or review on a popular review website. Let’s explore the list of trends you can see in the coming year. 

List of Trends that can be foreseen in the coming year 

  1. Real-time Feedback

In the coming year, businesses must look for ways to collect feedback at several customer journey touchpoints and work on it in real-time. Gone are the days when you just needed to collect feedback once after the customer has used a product or service. In 2022, you need to collect feedback at several touchpoints to ensure that the customer journey is running smooth. 

Now, businesses will look for quick and simple ways like Email Signature Surveys and Popup Surveys to collect feedback with every interaction or event. 

  1. AI with Human Touch

Artificial Intelligence has taken over almost every part of the digital world. Still, sometimes a human touch or words of empathy establishes a better understanding with your customers, for which you have to use your human resources, i.e., your employees. In the coming year, AI will be used with a human touch. Businesses will have to balance the use of humans and machines so that the customers can be provided the best services at a fast pace. 

  1. Simple and Seamless Processes

Businesses will have to make the digital processes more simple and seamless for the users in the coming year. Complex processes are time-consuming and irritating for the customers. So, to make an excellent digital base, it is mandatory to make your apps and systems easy to set up and use to provide a smooth experience to the customers. 

  1. Virtual Conferences

More people are going digital, and virtual conferences play a significant role in making things effective on digital platforms. The online mediums will expand more than just messages or emails in the coming year. Customers will like to go for more voice and video conferences to make things clear and understandable. So businesses will have to work seriously in this direction and connect to the customers through various online platforms. 

  1. Mobile-friendly Options

Most people nowadays use mobile phones for doing 80% of the stuff for which they once used to have other devices like a PC or tablet. So the businesses will have to work in this direction. If you choose an online mode to connect with customers, make sure that it is mobile-friendly. Whether it is an app, a survey, an email-embedded link, or anything digital, ensure that it works on smartphones and tabs. 

Arvind Kumar heads product marketing at Zonka Feedback, an all-in-one customer feedback, and survey management software. He is passionate about technology, software products, and marketing.

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