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5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of June 30, 2014


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

Customer Centricity Should be at the Core of Customer Service by Tatiana Ceresa

(Green Rope) The Internet has changed the way organizations interact with their stakeholders, both internal and external. But, have companies truly made the effort to implement a strategy to communicate effectively with their internal audiences to effectively improve their external audiences? Well, yes and no.

My Comment: If you want to be known for your delivering an amazing customer service experience, then start with your own people.  It takes good people that are aligned with the company’s core values that are work for both employees and customers alike.

Virgin’s customer chief: Customer experience comes down to your people by Nadia Cameron

(CMO) Virgin Australia’s Mark Hassell shares how the airline has transformed its business to become customer-led through a combination of leadership, culture and winning the hearts and minds of staff.

My Comment: I’m a big fan of just about anything Virgin. The real lesson is in the first lesson. It’s not just about the customer, it’s also about your people.

Quality service, not low prices, creates loyalty by Herb Weisbaum

(CNBC) According to a new report from Gallup—The State of the American Consumer—in their “panic to compete,” brick-and-mortar stores “often overlook what really matters to their customers—service.”

My Comment: The research (again) proves that customer service, not price, is driving loyalty.  Consumers are shopping with more than just their wallets.  This applies to just about any type of business, even B2B.  Great article that makes the case for the importance of being customer-centric.

7 Of The Biggest Customer Service Influencers Share Their Advice by Marek Didak

(Youstice) Are you looking for some advice to improve your customer care? You’re in the right place! Who could be more dedicated to this case than some of most influential people of the industry?

My Comment: I love these kinds of lists.  Seven great customer service tips that include culture, tactics, social media and more.  And, it is an honor to be included as one of the seven.

4 Tried and True Ways to Increase Repeat Customers for your Bar or Restaurant by BuzzTime

( If you’ve been strategizing about how to increase your customer retention rates, here are four tried and true ways to turn your new customers into loyal guests for years to come.

My Comment: There’s a lot any business can learn from the restaurant/hospitality business.  These four tips, while geared toward building repeat business for restaurants can be applied to just about any organization.  Number four, based on feedback, is especially applicable.

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