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How to Create Loyal Customers – and Much More!

Shep Hyken speaks with best-selling author, blogger, speaker, and podcaster, Peter Shankman. They share stories about some exceptional customer service experiences and how to create loyal fans.

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He also discusses his upcoming book, Faster Than Normal; Unlocking the Gifts of an ADHD Brain. The book, is based used his award-winning podcast Faster Than Normal, providing insights into an ADHD mind, and how to create a more productive day with proper planning. This episode of Amazing Business Radio is fast-paced and packed full of great information – an episode you don’t want to miss!

“I don’t need you to be awesome, I just want you to be a couple levels above expectation.” – Peter Shankman


What questions will this episode answer?

  1. How can I increase customer loyalty, and therefore gain loyal customers?
  2. How can I be more productive and get better use of my time?
  3. How do I provide better customer service?

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