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Guest Blog: Using Video to Create Lasting Brand Loyalty

This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post, my colleague Courtney Buchanan writes about the importance of employee videos and customer testimonials.  These two tools are extremely important and can contribute to customer loyalty. – Shep Hyken

When a customer calls for his refrigerator or HVAC system to be repaired, a field tech arrives and, ideally, makes a quick fix. But little does he know that a significant amount of hard work and logistics go into making that happen. Employee-generated videos give customers an inside look at how the company operates and exactly who the techs are, ultimately creating a connection between the brand and the customer.

Videos put a human voice and face behind the brand and the service that previously may have felt very automated and mechanical. They serve a dual purpose, writes Tony Gnau, founder and chief storytelling officer at video production boutique T60 Productions. First, they shed light on the employees behind the scenes and provide a more human aspect to getting a repair done. Second, they give employees a pat on the back.

Finding employees to feature in videos is simple. Just choose someone with passion, recommends Gnau, as he will likely pull the viewer in with his pure enthusiasm as he talks about what he does on the job or teaches how to maintain a product. “The net result is an audience that’s learning more and more about the people who work at the company,” says Gnau. “They get to know them. They learn to like them. Considering we buy from people we like, you begin to understand how powerful these videos can be.”

Aside from boosting customer engagement, employee videos create greater team unity inside the company as each employee understands what his co-worker does. Employees gain greater appreciation for their teammates and are able to collaborate in uncharted areas, leading to improved productivity, says Gnau.

The Value of Customer Testimonials

Just as employee videos can help customers feel greater brand loyalty and trust in their service technicians, the same is true of customer videos that motivate employees. Research by Adam Grant, management professor at the Wharton School, shows that when employees see the impact of their efforts, they are more likely to work harder and feel motivated. “Employees generally see end users as more credible than leaders as sources of inspiration,” writes Grant on HBR.

Service organizations should share customer feedback and create customer testimonials to help techs feel rewarded and motivated to continue delivering their best.

Many organizations fail to take advantage of employee videos and customer testimonials, merely because they don’t see the concrete value in them. While sales numbers and ROI may not shift, the importance of these video assets lies in customer loyalty and employee satisfaction — factors that, while hard to measure, are the foundation for creating a bond with an organization.

Courtney Buchanan is a writer for The SmartVan blog, where she covers technology and management tips in the field service industry.

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