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Guest Blog: 4 Things to Learn from a Disappointed Customer

This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Swati Kungwani, writes about the value of customer complaints to a business. Complaints are opportunities to show how good you can be. – Shep Hyken

Treasure the learnings to maximize business earnings!

Disappointments can be delightful! The way you look at the issues can make a huge difference in resolving them. Customer behavior is becoming more dynamic. Their demands are ever-increasing owing to the influence of Internet. Every organization is facing a stern competition to sustain their business growth. According to the reports,

“It is in the hands of the companies to prevent 85% of the customer churn caused due to futile poor service.”

Customers tend to grumble or express their discontent if things go wrong. But, not all would come back to the organization stating their grievances. They’d rather choose to quit and switch to something else. The customers making a complaint are actually expecting a solution. A company should make provision to address their dissatisfaction. Next, they should make efforts to continue their valued association.

It is useful to consider customer complaints in framing your service policies. Incorporate following four points in your CRM strategy to learn from mistakes:

CRM Attributes


  1. Missing or misleading information

Are you marketing your product in the right way?

In the race to winning the customers or the aimed targets, things are often overpromised. It is important to design a good product. Also, it is significant to market and sell in the right way. It is always pleasing to under-promise and over-deliver. The opposite scenario is never acceptable. An unhappy customer shows you the actual scenario of the market. The company can then advertise and sell their products as per the market needs.

  1. Communication gap

What actions should a company take at an internal level?

Communication is essential. A company should always achieve clear and active communication at all levels. Customer complaints highlight the missing elements of internal and external relations. It assists you to analyze the ideal way to do things. Complaints give the insights to what is lacking within the current processes. Also, it helps you to build a bridge to channel things in the system. Streamline all the business processes and departments in a unified manner.

  1. Conflict resolution

Do you have a standard approach to provide customer support?

In essence, customer complaints are the greatest business opportunities. A quick tip is to examine the negative feedback. Plan to work on turning the complaints into positive relations. A standard conflict resolution platform automates the process of managing complaints. Also, trained customer service team ensures the best care at the right time. An ideal support mechanism can be the game changer for your business!

  1. Scope of Improvement

How to devise the future plans?

An unhappy customer is the source of new possibilities. It helps you with improvising the quality of service and fixing the cessations. Avoid facing similar complaints in the future and losing other customers. Focus and solve their issues with attention, and design a long-term strategy. Figure out common problems, unnoticed concerns and disregarded matters. Trace the matters that are important for the customers, if not for the company. Prepare a road-map for a successful future.

Globally, people are using their smartphones and online channels to communicate their voices. A company should also use technology services to map successful customer journeys. New-age software solutions and mobile apps offer a wide range of benefits. The support platform reduces the cost of operations and increases employee engagement. It lets you be available and accessible to your user base. Do not ever forget to remember your customers!

Swati Kungwani is the content manager for iTouchVision. She specializes in the B2B customer experience management and has been with iTouchVision, driving new customer initiatives to promote business activities.

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