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5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of December 21, 2015

Top Customer Service and Business Articles

Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

The brilliant strategy Michelin uses to keep its best employees from quitting by James Kosur

(Business Insider) Recognizing that workers often quit or become unproductive when they feel stuck or bored in their roles, Michelin encourages employees to move around frequently within the company. The result is an incredibly high 97% retention rate.

My Comment: We spend so much time focused on creating loyal customers, but how about loyal employees? Loyal and engaged employees are more productive and more customer-focused (and more). Great lessons from Michelin on how they keep employee turn-over to just… 3%!

10 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2016 by Tricia Morris

(Microsoft Dynamics) The insights collected from the individuals above for 2016 are an interesting mix with a fantastic focus on people. Each trend is unique, but alone or together can serve as a powerful tool to unite customer-focused organizations and customer service teams for future success.

My Comment: My friend Tricia Morris at Microsoft has assembled a list of ten customer service trends from leading experts in the industry. You’ll have to download the report, but it is well worth it.

Customer Service for Millennials, from a Millennial by Hayley McNorton

(Group Elite Communications) Recommendations for millennial customer service are just scratching the surface, and have missed some crucial points.

My Comment: More great information about how to provide customer service to millennials. From a customized experience to using social media to connect with this huge customer base, there are a few ideas and thoughts here worth paying attention to.

Do You Take Your Job Personally? by Olga Kolodynska

(LiveChat) Many people claim that work isn’t personal but I think that work is as personal as it gets. After all, you spend the greater part of the day working than on any other activity. The money you make, the effort you put in your tasks, the time you spend away from your family. What’s more personal than that?

My Comment: This is an interesting article on making work personal. Taking work personally doesn’t mean you let things (or customers) get to you. It means you work to giving your personal best. You’re passionate. You make what you can control… personal.

The Self-Service Software Products That Keep Customers and Employees Happy by Craig Borowski

(Software Advice) When people have questions about products or services, they want answers. So what’s the best way to keep these folks happy? Give them what they want. Companies that are best at providing these answers have the best chance at turning people into customers.

My Comment: If you don’t have a self-service solution for your customers, you are missing a big opportunity that gives your customers instant information and saves your company money in the process. And, much more. Even something as simple as a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website is a good (and easy-to-implement) start.

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