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Here you will find some great videos of Shep speaking and sharing some customer service stories,
including his most popular Taxi Cab Driver story.




Shep’s Customer Service  Speaker Demo Reel

Shep Hyken’s keynote speeches focus on customer service, customer experience, customer loyalty and internal customer service. He is known for a motivational speaking style that is high-energy and combines information with entertainment to create exciting and memorable programs for the audience.







The Awesome Responsibility

Every single member of your team has The Awesome Responsibility of impacting how your customers view your ENTIRE organization. Customers don’t just do business with your company. They do business with your people. At any given time… “One of us represents all of us.”




Ask the Extra Question – A Communication Breakdown Can Be Your Worst “Moment of Misery”

Asking an extra question can ensure that you understand your customer’s expectations. For example, if a customer says, “I need it quickly,” respond with an extra question, as simple as, “How Quickly?”  Your interpretation of “quickly” may not be the same as your customer’s. Miscommunication frequently triggers those Moments of Misery™ that can impact the customer’s opinion of your organization.




Moment of Truth – Airline Success Story

Shep discusses Jan Carlzon’s Moments of Truth concept as a root to creating an amazing customer experience. Every interaction, large or small, that your customer has with your company is an opportunity for them to form an impression. It’s critical that at every touchpoint, large or small, we create a Moment of Magic® – an interaction that is at least above average. Organizations that are consistently and predictably above average are considered the best in their industries.





The Famous Taxi-Cab Driver Story

One of Shep’s most requested stories is about Frank, the taxi-cab driver. This entertaining story is filled with teaching points that every member of the audience will relate to. It is an amazing example of how something as ordinary and forgettable as ride in a taxi-cab can become a customer experience that is extraordinary and memorable.





Who Knew a Customer Service Speech Could Be This Fun!

Shep prides himself delivering important information in a high-energy, motivating and entertaining style. Here is an example of how Shep sometimes ends his presentation, using humor and magic, to end his speech on a high note. Who knew a customer service speech could be this much fun!



Shep Hyken has been inducted into the
Speaker Hall-of-Fame.

What is the Speaker Hall-of-Fame?

“Being inducted into the Speaker Hall-of-Fame was one of the greatest honors and highlights of my professional speaking career!” says Shep Hyken, keynote speaker and customer service and experience expert.

Each year up to five professional speakers are inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall-of-Fame for lifetime achievement in the professional speaking industry. Inductees are evaluated by a selection committee on how they excel in their presentation style, how they craft their message, their reputation in the marketplace and more.


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