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The company “mantra” is a brand promise that is simple, concise and easily understood by both employees and customers.  If you’ve been reading my monthly articles, blogs, books, etc. you will know that my favorite mantra comes from the Ritz Carlton which is, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” Recently I was surprised to read about what the city of Seattle, WA calls their customer bill of rights.  It was outstanding, and we can learn quite a bit from a city government that is focused on their customers, who happen to be their citizens and guests of the city. Seattle believes in taking care of customers. Their promise: When doing business with the City of Seattle, customers are entitled to prompt, efficient and easily accessible services – from water and power to roads and public safety. Customers who contact any office or employee of the City of Seattle can expect excellent service. The Customer Bill of Rights is guided by four standards. First, they want to be accessible to citizens.  Their first of the four rights say they want to be, “Easy and understandable – City products and services should be easy to locate and access.” Second is that they want to be responsive, meaning that, “City Employees should be helpful, connecting customers (citizens) with others who can help if they cannot. Third, they want to be fair.  They state, “There should be no economic, social and cultural barriers to accessing City products and services.” Finally, their fourth item in Seattle’s Customer Bill of Rights says they want to be, “Results-oriented – Customers should get results, not just process.” Does your organization have a Customer Bill of Rights?  This isn’t in a vision or mission statement.  It is a simple set of rules that help guide your customer service.  Quick return of phone calls and easy accessibility to upper management might be two you want to include. It’s time for you to go to work.  Create four or five customer service expectations that your customers expect of you and your organization.  Then make sure that every employee knows and understands it is their obligation to deliver on those expectations.

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