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The other day I received an email from one of our readers.  Beth Von Behren lives in Olivette, MO where they are opening up a new Kinko’s.  She had to fax a letter and wasn’t sure if the new store was open.  When she drove in the parking lot, she didn’t see an open sign.  She walked in anyway.  The manager said, “Well, we’re not open yet, but let’s try out the fax machine and see if it works.”  The fax machine worked and the manager refused to accept payment.  He was just happy to take care of a customer and develop a relationship with a new customer.

The manager understood the concept of earning a customer’s business.  You can advertise and send sales people out to meet customers, but the best sales strategy you can have is to deliver great service.  How much did it really cost to fax a couple of pages?  Not a fraction of what they will earn in future business.

I’m reminded of the MasterCard commercials.  This one would go something like this: “Sending a fax, one dollar.  Making copies, two dollars.  Creating a loyal customer, priceless!”

What are you doing to make sure you create loyal customers?