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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading about predictions and trends for 2018. It got me thinking about the actions we must take to be competitive. Regardless of your industry, everything has changed about the way we do business. There are some businesses that claim they’ve done things the same way for years, decades, even a century. They claim they do business just as their fathers and grandfathers did. Nothing has changed. I disagree. Continue reading

Bill Gessert Shares Tips to Make
National Customer Service Week a Success

Shep Hyken speaks with writer, speaker, and President of the International Customer Service Association (ICSA), Bill Gessert about National Customer Service Week. (This year the dates are October 3-7, 2016.) They discuss the background and history of this week, which includes a Presidential Proclamation, and discuss the importance of appreciating both your external and your internal customers (the people you work with). In addition to sharing ideas that your entire company can celebrate, they also provide great tips for making this special week successful. If you want to make your National Customer Service Week a success, you can’t miss this episode of Amazing Business Radio!
Continue reading

Business Olympics - Low ResFour Customer Service Tips

“Perfectly executed!”  “Nailed it!”  “Flawless!”

These are the words we hear the television commentators use to describe the athletes competing in various Olympic sports.   Aren’t these the same words that we would love our customers to use to describe the customer service and experience that we deliver?  I think so! Continue reading

13 Customer Service Ideas to Jump-Start 2013

Every year I like to create a list that includes some of my favorite ideas, strategies and tactics from my articles and blog posts over the last year.  So, as a nod toward the New Year, here are 13 customer service tips to jumpstart your customer service efforts in 2013. Continue reading

The first week of October (last month) was National Customer Service Week. I wrote a few extra articles, did a re-release of my first book Moments of Magic, put customer service training videos on YouTube and held a contest for the best “tweeted” customer service tips on Twitter. I thought you would be interested in some of the great tips that were shared. They are great to use as a theme for a team meeting or discussion topic. We had quite a few entries, and here are some of my favorites, including some of the winning entries. Continue reading

For the Week of April 30, 2012

Each day I read a number of articles from various online resources. Someone suggested I compile a list of my favorites for the week.  Great idea.  So, here you are.  And, I’ve included a short description and a comment about each article. Continue reading

Usually I send out just one newsletter every month.  Once in a while I send out more than one, and this is one of those times.  First, it’s still April, and that means we’re still in Customer Loyalty Month.  What are you doing to build a stronger relationship with your customers?  And second, we’re still celebrating the one year anniversary of “The Amazement Revolution” which hit the major bestseller lists including “New York Times,” “Wall Street Journal” and more.

If you read the last article, you read a list of customer service tips that anyone can put to use immediately.  This is the second half of the list of 40 quick customer service tips. Continue reading

Ten Customer Service Tips for Customer Loyalty Month

Customer Loyalty Month is every April.  Thinking about what I could write or suggest, I read something that is unbelievable.  The American Customer Satisfaction Index ( just released their latest survey and it indicated that customer satisfaction is at a two year low.  While some of this has to do with economic issues, the industries surveyed indicate customer service problems as well.  How can that be?

In a world where people have become extremely value conscious, one of the only ways to compete, outside of price, is with customer service.  Continue reading

In the last issue of The Shepard Letter I shared a list of ten compelling reasons to deliver an amazing customer service strategy.  (If you missed it go to: )  Some of our readers took the time to share what they would add to the list.  (Thank you!)  Below are just ten of the many that came in. Continue reading

My buddy at the St. Louis airport is Agent Vic, of American Airlines.  Vic is a great guy who delivers what passengers hope to get; service with a smile.  The other day I was on a flight to Chicago and Vic was the gate agent.  He was doing what he always does, helping passengers, answering questions, pre-boarding passengers that needed a little extra help, etc.; all with a smile. Continue reading

“Business as usual.”

That is what our country’s leaders are telling us.  I agree!  However, let me share an observation that seems to repeat it self every so often.  Here are a couple of examples.

I watched someone make a complaint to a sales clerk at a department store.  The clerk responded by saying that the customer was being very petty in view of what has been going on in the world lately.

The other night a hotel guest complained that the room service department took an hour to get the meal to him.  The front desk clerk responded in an irritated fashion that he should be lucky to have room service and somehow was able to connect the bad service to the “war on terrorism.”

Unfortunately, there were several other incidents, similar to the above, that I’ve noticed in the past few weeks.  One of my upcoming clients called and asked me to incorporate some information into my presentation that addressed examples similar to the above examples.  It seems that several employees feel that the little complaints and details that they usually take care of aren’t important anymore compared to the terrorist attacks and the war the US is currently involved in.

The employees are entitled to their opinion.  However, their job is not the place for them to air their  views and opinions.  In spite of how trivial someone’s problem or complaint might be, it should still be dealt with in a professional and courteous manor, no matter what is going on in the world.

You see, these people who have requests, complaints, problems, etc. that may seem trivial are still customers.  And if not treated the way they want to be treated, they will go somewhere else.

Our professional athletes are excellent examples of the right way to do business.  At the beginning of the game they take a moment to reflect, honor, remember, etc.  And, then they go to work.  You don’t see them putting in a partial effort.  They put their heart and souls into their jobs.

So remember, it is “business as usual.”  Our customers and clients expect it and want it!

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