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It’s never fun to share bad news with a customer. Many people are scared to be the bearer of bad news. There are plenty of examples of bad news – an order didn’t ship, something was damaged, a deadline is not going to be met, etc. It doesn’t really matter what the bad news is; the key to managing the customer experience is how you deliver the bad news. This brings me to Dollar Shave Club, who had to share the news that they were raising their prices.

While the price increase wasn’t very much – just one dollar a month – they still had to share the news with their customers. The way they did it was a classic lesson on how to share negative information, hopefully without upsetting the customer. Continue reading

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One of my favorite strategies in customer service is the membership experience. And, you don’t have to be an exclusive or private club to create that membership experience for your customers. In my book The Amazement Revolution, I used American Express as a role model for this powerful concept. They are hardly a private club, but they create an amazing customer – or should I say member – experience. As they say, “Membership has its privileges.” Continue reading