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From AI to “HIMI”

Human-Inspired Machine Intelligence

Shep Hyken interviews Dr. Natalie Petouhoff. They discuss AI in business—what works and what doesn’t work, how it can help companies and employees succeed, and how we can best utilize it. They also discuss the need for diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.

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Five Myths About Monetary Incentives

Why Giving Monetary Incentives is a Bad Idea

Shep Hyken sits down with Sam Stern. They discussed Sam’s research on why giving employees monetary incentives for providing good customer experiences is a bad idea.

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Customer service and customer experience (CX) have become as hot of topics as any in business. Owners of small businesses and leaders of the largest companies recognize the importance of CX. It’s what drives our business. It’s become a customer expectation. Don’t deliver on the CX and the customer will find someone – or some company – that does. And, not only do you have to deliver on the experience, you have to stand out and be different. Continue reading

The Holy Grail Of Customer Experience

How any sized business can create customer experience and loyalty.

Shep Hyken sits down with Craig McVoy, founder and Chief Experience Officer at Beyond Brand. They discussed Craig’s new book Beyond Brand, the seven customer experience principles every business must follow and the questions you must ask if you want your brand to compete in 2018 and beyond.

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A successful customer experience strategy is a result of the company’s culture. In other words, and I’ve said it many times before, what’s happening on the inside of the company is going to felt on the outside of the company by the customer.

So, let’s look at the inside of the company. Let’s look at the EX, which is the Employee Experience. The EX is part of the culture. It starts with how leadership wants their employees to feel about working for their company. One of my favorite concepts to write and talk about is the Employee Golden Rule, which is to treat employees like you want the customer to be treated. The EX is what will make or break the CX. Continue reading

John DiJulius on Secret Service &
The Customer Service Revolution

Shep Hyken speaks with John DiJulius, international consultant, best-selling business author and owner of the award winning John Robert’s Spa. John shares ideas from his latest book, “The Customer Service Revolution.” They discuss the radical overthrow of conventional business mentality which is transforming the employee and customer experience. This provides an opportunity for higher sales, a boost in employee morale, and brand loyalty. The result is that price becomes irrelevant. You can’t afford to miss this episode as John shares his expertise on creating an amazing customer experience!

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Key to a Customer Service Culture

customer-service-experienceIn a customer service culture, trust is of the utmost importance in the customer and employee relationship.  In the perfect setting, management must trust employees, employees must trust management, and the customer must trust the company.  This is the “Three Legged Stool” theory in action.  For those not familiar with this concept it is simple. If you have a three-legged stool and one of the legs is taken away, the stool falls over.  If anyone of these groups mistrusts any of the others, there is no chance for customer loyalty. Continue reading