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Music and the Customer Experience

Growing Your Business One Customer at a Time

Shep Hyken interviews Mike Grande, the founder and CEO of Rock Out Loud and The Staten Island School of Rock. They discuss Mike’s successful philosophies of providing an outstanding experience to his customers.

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Appreciation + _____________ = Employee Loyalty

Below is a list of the words/phrases that you, our Shepard Letter readers, sent in for the Employee Loyalty Formula survey. There were several hundred responses. There were many duplicates (respect, trust, empowerment, just to name a few), yet I only listed each word or phrase once. At the end of the list are some of the comments readers sent with their responses. Thank you for participating! Continue reading

Recently Glen Schmidt, one of our Shepard Letter readers, emailed a question about employee loyalty.  I asked our readers to fill in the blank for a formula.

Appreciation + __________ = Employee Loyalty

Well, we received hundreds of responses.  I will give you my take, and then share with you the other responses. Continue reading

We all want our customers to be loyal. So here is a thought: In order to get your customers to be loyal to you, you need to be loyal to your customers.

Are you loyal to your customers? Do they know it? Do they feel it? What are you doing to prove it?

Loyalty is about creating value, building a strong relationship, developing trust, having an understanding of their business, knowing their wants and needs, making them feel special, letting them know you appreciate them – and much more.

While there may be lots of things you can do to prove your loyalty, it really isn’t that difficult. All of the above mentioned – and more – is just common sense. These are the things we should be doing for our customers. So, I have a little exercise/assignment for you to do. It shouldn’t take very long. Here it is:

Write down all of the things you think you are doing or should be doing, to show your loyalty to your customers. You can start with the list above. Then add more. Be specific and write down how you are (or should be) doing it. Ask a few others what they think and add to the list. Pat yourself on the back for the ones you are doing already, and start doing the ones you aren’t.

That is it. A simple assignment on the surface that will hopefully bring you closer to understanding the value you are giving to your customers – as well as the loyalty you are showing them. After all, why should your customers be loyal to you, if you can’t prove your loyalty to them?

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