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You may remember the 1975 movie “The Stepford Wives,” which was remade in 2004.  It was about wives that were basically programmed to take care of their husbands.  They did everything around the house; cooked, cleaned, chores, etc.  The trade-off was that these “perfect” wives became devoid of personality. So, what does this movie have to do with customer service?  Recently I stayed at a nice hotel for a client’s meeting and encountered a form of customer/guest service that I would term “Stepford Service.”  My experience at this hotel reminded me of the movie.  The employees wanted very much to take care of the guest, but apparently they were, like the Stepford Wives, devoid of personality. At the end of my stay, I would say that while the service was excellent, the experience was not.  It was lame, even boring.  Everyone was cordial, but not enthusiastic.  No one seemed to have passion.  No one expressed a cheerful “good morning” or “have a nice day.” The service lacked personality. Contrast that to the hotel I stayed at the following week.  Every member of the staff was also willing to take care of the guest, the difference was they were enthusiastic about it.  While some may find it a bit extreme (Personally, I find it endearing.), on the way out of their business center the woman taking care of us said, “This is how we say goodbye here,” and she gave all of us a hug. Here is the point.  Service needs enthusiasm, passion and personality.  Without it, the experience is blasé.  Where and who do customers want to do business?  In an atmosphere that is boring and dull?  Or, where there is a contagious enthusiasm? Amazing service is more than saying, “Yes,” and taking care of the customer.  Great service needs personality.

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