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Nate defines the meaning of an exceptional customer experience and explains how it’s not as hard as you think to go above and beyond for your customers. He also shares his opinion about how customer complaints are a gold mine, filled with opportunities. Nate shares an excellent example of how (and why) all complaints really need to be listened to. Shep and Nate also discuss how to continue to create personal interactions in this digital age and the future of customer support. In this episode of Amazing Business Radio, you will learn many ways to provide an exceptional customer service experience – and who doesn’t want that?! Nate Spears co-founded ClearSource, a provider of outsourced business services. Prior to founding ClearSource, Nate managed customer service teams for both American Express and BMW Bank, which instilled in him a passion for the customer experience. In 2008, Nate and his business partner recognized an opportunity in the outsourced customer service space for a company that prioritized exceptional customer service above anything else. They then formed ClearSource with a belief that any company – not just Nordstrom, Disney, Ritz Carlton, and Zappos, to name a few – can become renowned for providing outstanding customer service!

“Customer complaints are a gold mine of process improvements.” – Nate Spears

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 What questions will this episode answer?

  1. How do I handle customer support calls and resolve customer complaints?
  2. How can I provide a personal emotional connection with my customers?
  3. How do I provide an exceptional customer experience?
  4. What is ClearSource?

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