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It drives me a little crazy when I receive an advertisement in the mail from my cable TV or phone company offering me an incentive to sign up with them. First, I’m already a customer and can’t understand why they can’t figure that out. Second, why is the price they are offering a new customer lower than what I’m currently paying? Continue reading

I enjoy my cable TV, Internet, and phone service through one provider.  It’s called bundling and usually saves the customer money.  The company we use for these services gave me an incentive to switch to them.  It saved me quite a bit of money.  Then, after a year, that sweet deal went away.  As expected, I started receiving my monthly bills at the “normal” price. Continue reading

Let’s start with two questions:  1) Do you have all of the possible business you could have from all of your customers?  2) Do your customers know about all of the “things” you can do (or sell) them?

Recently I worked with a company that is looking for new opportunities to build business. While they want new business, what makes their quest a bit different is that they are not looking for new customers.  They want more business from existing customers. Some of their customers weren’t taking advantage of everything they had to offer.  While they used to be interested in market share, they are now interested in customer share.  That is their biggest opportunity for growth. Continue reading