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I’ve written about the customer service gap before. The first version referred to the gap between you and your competitors. You want the gap to be wide. It means you are putting yourself further ahead of your competition and picking up market share.

The second version of the gap focused on narrowing the distance between you and your customers. The closer you are to your customers, and the more you are meeting their needs, the narrower the gap is between you and your customer. This also puts your competition further away from your customers. Continue reading

Customer Service AttitudeCustomer Experience

Just recently I was asked to come into a small executive meeting with just twelve people to talk about customer service. With this intimate group, I wanted to be a little more interactive; a dialogue with the audience, versus a monologue or speech. At one point I had the executives split into two groups of six. One group was asked to discuss the best customer service experiences they had ever received. The other group would discuss the worst experiences.  After ten minutes, each group would share one example; the best of the best and the best of the worst. Continue reading


If I had a nickel for every time someone told me, “You should call ‘so and so.’ Their customer service is terrible. They could use your help,” I might not be rich, but it would definitely pay for a great vacation or two at a customer-focused resort. Seriously, many people share their customer service horror stories. Most of the time, it is an indifferent or bad attitude from an employee that causes the customer service snafu. However, my friend Victor Cohen recently told me a story that is worth sharing. It wasn’t the attitude of the employee that caused his problem. It was the company’s system and guidelines. Continue reading

This blog post has the first of ten frequently asked questions about customer service. I’m going to post them one at a time and hope that readers of this blog will comment or share their answer to these questions. Here’s the first one…

What is customer service?

The simple answer is that customer service is how an organization or individual delivers what they sell to the customer. That said there is much that goes into delivering good customer service. More than just the way a person or organization delivers what they sell, it is really customers that define service, which is the experience and value they receive as a result of doing business with a company. Any definition of the term customer service is almost irrelevant, as it is the customer’s perception that really defines your customer service.

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