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Gadi Shamia Discusses the Latest Trends in Customer Service and How to Create a Better Experience

How can you use technology to create a better experience for your customers?

Shep Hyken interviews Gadi Shamia, COO of Talkdesk, about how you can improve your customer service.

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Jeff Lesser Talks about Improving Customer Service with Twitter

Shep Hyken speaks with Twitter’s Senior Marketing Manager, Jeff Lesser, about  how to use Twitter for customer service. More and more customers are posting comments and questions for companies on Twitter. It is becoming a viable customer service channel as an alternative to email and the phone. Jeff shares several best practices and new tools that Twitter has created especially for customer service. They discuss how social media has greatly impacted customer service interactions between the customer and businesses, and how you can use this to your advantage. Don’t miss out on Jeff’s expert advice on how to improve customer service using Twitter!

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The AP reports (June 10, 2006) that the Department of Education is going to use a form of mystery shopping to help make the Honolulu public school facilities more “visitor-friendly.”

Project Aloha, which is a great name for the program, will use volunteers to visit the schools posing as parents to evaluate how well they are treated. If the school employees demonstrate weak customer service skills, they will be sent a “Letter of Hope.” I guess this is the Department of Education’s form of a disciplinary letter. How about a detention session for the flagrant abusers of these mystery parents? And during the session they could be forced to view some customer service videos. (I know where they can get some!)

Even though I jest, it is commendable that the DOE is taking a look at this.

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