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Andy Masters is an award-winning author and international speaker who has written 5 books, earned 4 degrees, and presented hundreds of programs on a variety of sales/service, leadership, and personal development topics. Andy’s professional career included working for two high-profile performance improvement and marketing services firms, where his clients included Lexus, Honda, Nestle-Purina, and Anheuser Busch. Andy escaped the corporate world just in time to preserve his sanity, as he followed his passion for speaking, consulting, and entrepreneurship in 2003.

“It’s not the screw-up, it’s what you are going to do after the screw-up; that’s what people are looking for.” – Andy Masters


What questions will this episode answer?

  1. How is customer service just like dating and relationships?
  2. How are romance and business similar?
  3. How do I create customer loyalty and build stronger relationships?
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