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NOTE: This customer service article/blog post is a bit different. I had the wonderful opportunity to work on this article with Alyson Stone of Assistly, a customer service software company that helps companies create and deliver amazing service and support. We both have similar customer service philosophies and have merged a few of our concepts together to create an article that I hope you will enjoy and learn from. You may even recognize a few of the quotes from past Shepard Letters and blog posts. They are timeless. Upping Your Customer Service Game The customer. Their expectations shape your strategies. Their needs govern your road map. They speak; you listen (or eavesdrop). The quality of their experience is the most important goal of your business. Assistly calls it “Customer Wow.” It’s my call to action – my mantra – which is to “Always Be Amazing.” Either way, it’s all about putting the customer at the center of your business, and we are both in fierce agreement that companies will gain a distinct competitive advantage by doing so. (more…)

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