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I recently had the good fortune to meet Frankie Saucier, the former director of social media customer service (also known as social care) for a major cable company. When the cable goes out, upset customers call, email, tweet, post on Facebook, etc. her cable company for two reasons. One, they want to express their complaint and anger. Two, they want to know when their cable TV will be fixed.

So, Frankie sat down with her team to brainstorm how to handle a tweet that a customer posted asking how long it would be before their cable TV was restored. She asked them, “What would be the best response?” Continue reading

Common sense must always prevail – especially when it comes to customer service. That said, sometimes companies create strict rules and policies or have a “system” that makes it impossible for an employee to deliver the customer service the company actually wants them to deliver. Continue reading

It's Not Our Fault, But We Can Still Be ResponsibleSolving Customer Problems

What happens when the customer calls about a problem, but the problem is completely out of your control?

Let’s use an online retailer as an example. The customer buys a product and requests it be shipped via one of the typical shipping companies like UPS, FedEx or USPS. The product goes out right away, but the shipping company fails to deliver on time. The customer calls the company and is obviously upset. Why was there a delay? Continue reading

Excellent Customer Service

I was in Las Vegas, on the sixth day of a nine day, multi-city run of speaking engagements and meetings.  That evening was a black-tie event.  Rather than take my tuxedo to several cities, un-packing and re-packing the tux, I had it shipped to the hotel.  According to our information, the tux should have been at the hotel.  But, it wasn’t.  Apparently, it was accidently left on the truck. Continue reading