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customer service and leadership storyA recent segment on the CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood had an amazing customer service and leadership story. Krystal Payne, at a Starbucks in Leesburg, VA, noticed that one of her customers, Ibby Piracha, was deaf. One day Ibby came to get his usual coffee and Krystal handed him a handwritten note, which read: “I’ve been learning ASL, American Sign Language, just so you can have the same experience as everyone else.”  Wow! Now, this is a customer service story worth sharing – and learning from! CBS News correspondent, Steve Hartman, interviewed Krystal and Ibby. Ibby said, “I see that she gets out a piece of paper, and I thought maybe she had a question for me or something, but it really wasn’t a question at all. And as I read through it, it shocked me.” Apparently, the note shocked him so much that he posted a picture of it online and then had it framed. Krystal said, “If he’s a regular, and I want to make that connection with my regulars, I should be able to at least ask him what he wants to drink.” Even more impressive is that Krystal took three hours of her own time to go on the Internet to find information about ASL, just so that she could ask a customer what he wanted to drink. Just one customer! And, these are the stories that customer service legends are made of.

Several things worth noting and learning from were happening:

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