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52 Tools for Delivering the Most Amazing Customer Service on the Planet

240 page hardcover book

The “best of the best” know that no matter how great their product or service is, they can’t get and keep customers if they don’t deliver an Amazing experience.

When it comes to delivering truly Amazing customer service, everyone in your organization must step up and be a leader. It doesn’t take a title. It takes being a role model for others to aspire to. In Amaze Every Customer Every Time, customer service expert and New York Times bestselling business author Shep Hyken offers 52 proven Amazement Tools that can transform your business into a seriously customer-focused operation … with a serious competitive edge.

Between these covers, you will find the tools you need to empower your organization at all levels to create an Amazing customer experience – every time!

This is the competitive edge that separates good companies from truly great companies. What’s more, customer service expert and bestselling author Shep Hyken has found the perfect great company to use as a role model throughout the entire book: Ace Hardware.

Why Ace Hardware?

Because it is a large and small company at the same time: A multi-billion dollar corporation and a network of stores – 4,600 of them in 70 countries – with over 3,000 owners.

Because Business Week named Ace as one of the top ten customer service brands in America.

Because JD Powers ranks Ace Hardware highest in customer satisfaction in their industry.

Because Ace has been a rock solid company since 1924, with a customer service track record that is second to none.

Because if you want a company with a sustained track record of actually living a customer-focused culture, you can’t do much better than Ace.

Here you will find here 52 Amazement Tools, broken down into five tactical categories…

Leadership: Customer service starts with this. Everyone must be a leader when it comes to building a customer-focused organization.
Culture: This is the heart of Amazing service in any truly great organization.
Face to Face: The quality of your organization’s personal interactions will determine the quality of your customer’s experience.
The Competitive Edge: These high-impact tactics differentiate your enterprise from the competition.
Community: Great companies willingly give back to the community in which they operate, because they value the loyalty that the community has shown them.

What People Are Saying

“It is crystal clear from the onset that the book is not meant to be read. It is meant to be used. This is a how-to book which takes the reader on a compelling journey to the mountaintop of customer service…”
Benjamin Ola Akande

Ph.D, Dean, Webster University, Walker School of Business & Technology

“The message is clear and the lessons are simple. This book is a guide to creating customer loyalty, employee engagement and overall business success.”
Horst Schulze

Former President of Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Chairman/CEO of Capella Hotel Group

“At Zappos, we aim to deliver WOW through service. This book illustrates how important it is to WOW and AMAZE every customer every time!”
Tony Hsieh

NYT Bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

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