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Powerful Presentations Tailor-made For Virtual Events

Shep has been doing online/virtual keynotes for years. All of Shep’s presentations are customized, and he can do any of his in-person presentations virtually.

He works with you to understand your audience, theme and goals for the presentation or event. When Shep does live or virtual events, he likes to provide more value than just his time on stage or on the screen.

We refer to this as “Beyond Shep” and could include a promotional video before the event, a prerecorded interview to be used as promotion, repurposing of articles, and more.

Shep offers the following virtual presentation services:

Livestream Presentation
Shep is known for his high-energy presentations—a live stream serves as the true virtual replacement.

• Pre-Recorded Presentation
A keynote-style speech recorded in Shep’s studio and edited to perfection with graphics and B-Roll.

• Fireside Chat
A more informal offering during which Shep discusses a topic of the client’s choosing with leadership. (Can be presented live or pre-recorded.)

• Virtual Interaction
A hybrid event consisting of a 10-15 minute presentation from Shep, followed by an interview, Q&A and discussion. (Can be presented live or pre-recorded.)

• Webinar
Do you still want to use the word webinar? Okay… This is similar to the Virtual Interaction with more presentation and less conversation. Shep always encourages a balance of “formal presentation” (slides) with interactive discussion, interview, Q&A and discussion. (Can be presented live or pre-recorded.)

• The Reverse Podcast
In this podcast, you are the interviewer and Shep is the guest. Imagine what you would want Shep to talk about in a speech. Just ask him, and he’ll answer. This is a great way to promote an upcoming program.

• Eat-and-Speak
This is an exciting offer meant to be small and very exclusive. Join Shep for a virtual conversation (using Zoom technology) over breakfast, lunch, or dinner, guided and facilitated by the CS and CX expert himself!

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