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The Best
Some who have attended a number of conferences over the years told us this was the best keynote they had ever seen. Shep, your participation helped make the conference what it was.
Lexus-like Professionalism
From start to finish, you offered nothing but ‘Lexus-like’ professionalism and courtesy to our program staff and dealership associates, and you tailored your presentation to the overall theme of our conference.
Nuggets of Wisdom
Your nuggets of wisdom encourage us all to find ways, both simple, small and large, to improve.
High Expectations
From reading your books and watching your on-line videos, I had high expectations of you and you exceeded them all. The ‘High-energy’ description doesn’t do you justice. Thank you for delivering a great keynote speech in a most memorable way.
Second to None
Thank you for delivering a brilliant, commanding, and well-prepared program. Your remarks were very well received and appreciated, and your expertise in the area of customer service is second to none.
Your Message Resonated
An amazing presentation that was still talked about this evening. Your message resonated with each person today, and all we're excited to take that message back to their teams.
Positive Feedback
In the years that I have worked numerous shows for Anheuser-Busch, I have never had such favorable, positive feedback from our customers as I have received about you.
Outstanding Work
We can’t thank you enough, not only for your outstanding work, but for all the meetings we had prior to the event to ensure that you were well prepared to personalize your remarks.
Dedication to Excellence
Your professionalism and dedication to excellence is what make this conference such a successful event.
One of The Best Speakers
Our agents are saying you are one of the best speakers we have had! Your energy and enthusiasm made for an incredibly successful speech.
Enjoyed It!
Our location managers enjoyed your presentation. They are still sending me comments!
Forefront of Service
I can’t wait to see the team adopt some of these mindsets and practices to further our customer experience and keep us at the forefront of service in the sports world.
You Delivered
Employees were looking for a reason to laugh. You provided that opportunity. You also delivered a strong message about the importance of customer service.
You Delivered
Many attendees commented that it was as if you were a long time member of our organization. You were able to deliver the internal customer service message in terms that our audience could relate to. 
Great Takeaways
Throughout the convention the attendees at our opening session were commenting to me about the great takeaways they were bringing home from your perspective on client services.
A Pleasure
It was a pleasure watching your presentation and discussing your insight during the breakout sessions.  It’s very much my mantra of “Be Easy” that I try to practice. I believe Volkswagen should focus on this moving forward for our Customers.
Doing Something Right!
The engagement from the audience was as good as any virtual event I’ve been on. You and the team are obviously doing something right!
Above and Beyond
You were fantastic and went above and beyond what was expected, especially since this engagement had several fits and starts from when we first started talking.
Very Entertaining
I would like to personally thank you for your enthusiasm. It was very entertaining, and yet you still sent a message to our participants.
Powerful Yet Simple
Your powerful yet simple message dovetailed so well with your outstanding skill in the use of magic. We couldn’t have started our day any better.
Expert Input
I cannot thank you enough for your support, your expert input,  encouragement, patience and guidance over the last three days. I don’t think we would have reached where we did without you
A Pleasure
A pleasure to work with you! Excellent show, delivery and amazing content.
Tremendous Job!
I’ve been in ‘association work’ for more than twenty-four years and have hired a lot of speakers. You did a tremendous job! When I polled the delegates at our convention on who their favorite speaker was, they overwhelmingly voted for Shep Hyken and asked that I have you back.
Exemplified Outstanding CX
You exemplified delivering an outstanding customer experience in everything you said in your presentation and all that you did in working with us.  We very much appreciate your willingness to make a commitment to us and seeing it through.
Energetic and Credible
A very important topic for franchises. An energetic and credible speaker.
A Class Act
We can’t thank you enough for such a great engagement! You are a class act!
Many thanks to Mr. Hyken for sharing a lot of valuable information that I can put into practice immediately!  I especially enjoyed the stories and examples of great customer service from real companies and businesses.Very informative and well put together!
ALL Positive Feedback
I have gotten ALL positive feedback.  Everyone loved Shep’s presentation and said it was AMAZING! 
You Taught Us
You were terrific! I have never seen magic and fun so cleverly woven into teaching. You didn’t speak on Friday—you taught us lessons. I really applaud your program and the value you deliver.
Preformed with Distinction
Thank you for the superb effort you made in preparing your talk. You faced a demanding audience and you performed with distinction.
Very Impressed
I’m very impressed by you and your team – not only on this particular occasion but in absolutely all interactions. You give real meaning to the term “CAO.”
Valuable Message
You not only packed the hall, but also delivered a valuable message to the restaurateurs. The combination of a powerful theme of customer service delivered with the entertainment value of magic equals a very successful seminar.
Your Magic Was Awesome!
Your words were inspiring, your magic was awesome! Thanks for a great job at our presentation. I continue to hear how much everyone enjoyed the talk. 
Worth Every Penny
Shep was worth every penny! Not only is his talk fantastic, but he literally helped save our afternoon. The speaker before him lacked energy, and the room was slipping away. Shep’s presentation brought the audience back to life!
Positive Feedback
We received very positive feedback and personally I really enjoyed hearing from you and about your perspective on client services.
Critical Message
The message you left our sales representatives is more critical in the health care environment than ever.
Huge Difference
The Customer Focus program has made a huge difference in our business - I truly look forward to these calls where we share insights, strategies, and lessons to improve our interaction with one another and our customers.
A Master Showman
You kept us engaged and delivered a strong message, and you got people involved in the workshop. You are a master showman and professional! I understand why your ratings are so high!
A Journey
Our pursuit of service greatness is a journey without a destination. The time you spent with us last week will certainly help us on that journey.
You Were That Good.
I’d love to be able to give you some constructive criticism but can’t. I don’t know of a thing I’d improve. You were that good.
A True Master at Work
There are few things more enjoyable — and enlightening — than watching a true master at work. And, most of all, I know our members got a TON out of his session.
All-Time High
Your presentation has helped turn our customers’ ‘Moments of Misery’ into ‘Moments of Magic.’ Our customer results are at an all-time high. Thank you for your valuable input.
Trademark Performance
It was a Trademark performance, and I know from monitoring the chats and Q&As that the Members who participated got tremendous value from it.
Glad You’re on OUR Team!
YOU are amazing, my friend. Thank you for your energy, your mindset and for inspiring us to be just that cut above consistently. We CAN do it! Glad you’re on OUR team!
The Right Decision
Your ‘Moments of Magic’ helped make this year’s meeting a great success. We needed a true professional to bring things ‘up’ on the last day, and we certainly made the right decision in giving that assignment to you.
Flawless Dude! Great job!
So Inspiring
His words were so inspiring, and I felt so connected with the concepts exposed.

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