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Press Questions

Interviewing Shep? Below is a list of common interview questions that he can answer during your interview, podcast, or article.

  1. What is the most important measurement in business that leaders should consistently monitor?
  2. You have written that creating an amazing customer experience is within reach of every company. How is that possible?
  3. What do companies need to avoid if they want to be amazing? What drives customers away?
  4. You often refer to the shortest customer keynote speech you ever gave. It was two words long. What are they, and why are they important?
  5. You say that not all loyalty programs drive loyalty, even if they seem to get customers to come back. Can you elaborate? (We will also discuss the difference between a repeat customer and a loyal customer.)
  6. What are three reasons a customer would end their relationship with a business?
  7. What is your six-step “I’ll Be Back” experience process?
  8. In your book, The Cult of the Customer, you describe five “cults” or phases customers go through. What are they? ​
  9. What is the difference between satisfied customers and loyal customers?
  10. How do businesses create confidence and trust with their customers?
  11. Why is a focus on internal customer service important to an organization or business?
  12. What are some simple strategies companies can use to deliver better customer experiences?
  13. What is your five-step process for managing complaints?
  14. How does “service awareness” get employees engaged in a company customer service program?

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