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Guest Post: Provide Outstanding Customer Experience With Email Marketing

This week, we feature an article by Maria Fintanidou, a copywriter for Moosend, an email marketing automation software. She writes about using email marketing to improve customer service and experience throughout the entire customer journey. With the variety of online products and services, customer expectations are constantly growing. Consumers expect brands to offer them memorable […]

This week, we feature an article by Maria Fintanidou, a copywriter for Moosend, an email marketing automation software. She writes about using email marketing to improve customer service and experience throughout the entire customer journey.

With the variety of online products and services, customer expectations are constantly growing. Consumers expect brands to offer them memorable and meaningful experiences. And this doesn´t just impact initial interactions but contributes to customer retention, too. To keep new and current customers engaged, no business should leave out one of the most important pieces of the customer experience puzzle: email marketing. This blog post will focus on the most effective ways to leverage email marketing to enhance the customer experience throughout the entire customer journey. 

 5 Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Experience With Email Marketing 

With email marketing, brands establish trusting and personal relationships with their subscribers. Your company’s email list is populated with consumers already interested in what you offer. That’s why regular and relevant email communication with your recipients is the key for your business to stay top of mind. So, let’s move ahead to discover how you can get the desired result through targeted email marketing campaigns. 

The fine art of personalized emails 

One of the most convert-driving factors of email marketing is personalization. The segmentation and personalization options provided by reputable email newsletter software empower you to provide customized experiences to every reader. Based on data like their demographics or shopping and browsing behavior, you can craft personalized email content that addresses their specific needs and solves their pain points.   

Customers expect brands to know their preferences and create customized emails that serve them best. From the email subject line to the visual components and copy, you should target your email content to each reader to increase their engagement. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that personalized emails deliver outstanding results in crucial email marketing metrics, such as open or click-through rates. 

Let recipients adjust their email preferences 

Personalizing email communication doesn’t end with list segmentation and customized email content. It’s all about your email marketing revolving around your subscribers’ needs. Therefore, it’s vital that you let them choose their email preferences, meaning what they receive from you and how often. To do so, you should develop a preference center for readers to pick their preferred way of email communication. 

Also, you should always include an ‘update your email preferences’ option in your emails. This process does much more than ensure you don’t overwhelm readers with irrelevant emails. It’s an effective way to decrease your email unsubscribe rate. More often than not, subscribers don’t want entirely out of your email content; they just need to adjust their preferences to fit their needs. Last but not least, remember that your readers’ preferences keep evolving. So, now and then, send them a survey to collect updated information and ask them for feedback on improving your customer experience. 

Provide valuable email content 

As marketers and business owners, our all-time favorite objective is boosting sales. However, there are little things that customers hate more than sales marketing material that’s centered around the brand instead of them. Sure, some of your email campaigns will be promotional, presenting your products and services. But ideally, you must dispatch valuable email content, too – whether it’s to educate or entertain your readers. 

Savvy marketing professionals use their emails to provide recipients with helpful how-to guides, exciting blog posts, timely industry tips, or engaging videos. This way, they prevent subscribers from seeking answers to their questions from competitive brands. This type of email content shows your customers that you care about their needs and want to help them improve their daily lives, even if it doesn’t translate into sales every single time. Trust us when we say it’s the road to customer loyalty.   

Being accessible matters 

Many brands investing in email marketing forget that email is a two-way line of communication. We’re all after increased recipient engagement and conversion rate in our email marketing efforts. However, subscribers want to know they can reach out to their favorite brands easily and without friction points. Keeping your email channel open goes a long way in offering exceptional customer service. That’s why you should provide readers with email support directly from your emails to solve their issues right then and there. 

When a subscriber takes the time to communicate with your business via email, it´s imperative that someone will be there to address their query as immediately and efficiently as possible. Many subscribers prefer to send their questions and complaints through email to save time from contacting a customer support representative. Giving them such an option boosts their perception of your business and demonstrates that you have a customer-centric approach. 

Send thank-you emails 

Surprisingly enough, not every company sends their customers thank-you emails after they put in an order. Perhaps it’s because they think they don’t have to do so. But that’s far from the truth since thank-you emails bring back impressive results in terms of open and click-through compared to other dedicated emails:  

Customers genuinely appreciate it when you go into the trouble of dispatching a thank-you email after they’ve purchased a product or service from you. It’s the equivalent of the experience and interpersonal relationship they would get if they entered a physical store. This personal touch in their interactions with your brand makes them feel appreciated. And there’s no need to exaggerate with this type of email; any short, heart-warming, and genuine thank you note will do the trick. 

Final Words 

Delivering an outstanding customer experience with email marketing is all about creating meaningful and personal connections with your subscribers. Focus on catering your email campaigns to your readers’ interests to keep them engaged throughout the customer journey. Whatever the strategies you employ to power up your email marketing game, always remember the number one rule for delivering exceptional customer experiences through emails: put your recipients’ and their needs front and center. It’s a bulletproof way to turn them into loyal customers and keep them coming back for more! 

Maria Fintanidou works as a copywriter for email marketing automation software Moosend, having created the Help Articles (FAQs) and overseen the platform’s translations in Greek and Spanish. She loves exploring new cultures and ways of thinking through traveling, reading, and language learning.

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