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Jeff Toister Provides 3 Steps to Developing a Customer-Focused Culture

Nearly every company says that they want to have a customer-focused culture, but then why are so many companies lacking one? What are the steps that your company needs to take to be committed to becoming customer-focused?

Shep Hyken speaks with Jeff Toister about his new book, The Service Culture Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Employees Obsessed with Customer Service.


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Top Takeaways:

  • Three steps to developing your customer-focused culture:
    1. Define what your culture is going to be. Your customer service vision needs to be one sentence, that everyone can remember. It needs to focus on the customer, not that you will be “industry-leading” or will make a lot of money. It cannot be a fluffy statement that no one believes in, but it must become a way of life for everyone in the organization. Who are we on our best day? Example: In-And-Out Burger’s “Quality, Consistency, and Courtesy”
    2. Engage your employees and get them committed. Employees must fully understand what makes the organization successful, and they are committed to achieving that success. Many organizations have a difficult time having their employees give consistent answers as to what “success” means.
    3. Align everything in your organization around that definition of success, that customer service vision. We tend to do things that create conflicts and, that make it harder for our employees to deliver outstanding customer service. For example, we focus on customer service survey scores, and reward or penalize employees accordingly. Instead, we should focus on the feedback and learn how to use it, so that we can continually improve and deliver even better customer service.


Jeff Toister helps customer service teams unlock their hidden potential. He has authored customer service training videos on and was named one of the Top 30 customer service professionals in the world by Global Gurus. He was also named one of the Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter by the International Customer Management Institute. Jeff holds Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification from the Association for Talent Development.

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

“Alignment says I need to focus on my customer service vision, not on the score.” – Jeff Toister

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This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions … and more:

  1. How do I get executive leadership to buy into customer service?
  2. How do you create a customer service mantra?
  3. What does engaging your employees mean?
  4. What is ‘survey baiting’?
  5. What sets customer-focused organizations apart?
  6. How do I create a customer-focused culture?
  7. How do you get employees obsessed with customer service?
  8. Why do so many organizations struggle to consistently deliver amazing service?




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